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These sta tells the tale in his own words from behind the bars of a federal prison. Speaking on a smuggled cell phone fifty years old listen to transport easter on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast scary. The olympics are on. Yeah so. I'm in front of the tv non. Stop my family's in front of the tv. We're eating pizza. We're using slice and we'll get pizza three times already since the olympics started. We love slice because they are the largest network of independent pizzerias in the country and it's ideal for the local pizza guy so wanted to hook them up by ordering through slice and we'll hook you up by giving you five dollars off your first order when you use the app for the first time. Just use code brooklyn downloaded from your phone's app store or go to slice life dot com win boys in the south craig. Zepa boys house. There's two boys in. This sounds great zeba boys in this house in boise house. I still know about that one man. That's episode eighty-three the brooklyn boys podcast. I know i feel like it needs more. It's just the repetitive crazy boys in this house to note to myself when i wrote that to do the second part others more of the rap right. Yeah and i. i haven't done it. I did like seventy percent. And then i forgot about song. The real song rob is pretty much over. Yeah that's also why. I kinda liked that as a as a as a different way to start the show every once in a while i'll write i write some new ones. We've got requests for people to I start to show with the The beastie boys when those Brooklyn even when we end the show with the when we end the show like. Why do you always end the show with that. But you don't start to show with that. I don't know because that's always been the ender.

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