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Local flooding in i mean we got a little scary yesterday afternoon nothing along the lights the party but i mean muffled apulia underwater course that's normal for the result not dilapidated but his it's it's here's ears a couple of comments on the local flooding isn't that i ride who had a little episode yesterday afternoon kelly says killing togo wa who in the past look at duck key a in mali look at houston right now let this be a reminder here in a way more housing and more people are not better for anybody not for the island either a data says or dances and i wonder how the homeless eleven the canals are doing flash flooding is going to wash away that all that rubbers down to the ocean and up plugging away you know nobody's said taco's eve you can find something i don't know how bad a situation homeless as is in houston but we really haven't had any sidebar stories about homes people they didn't get risk disruptive rural does it will have alms but you know there are thousands of people in shelters i mean right on top of each other i saw this one lady pouring over this mountain full of clothing that have been donated i mean miles of trying to stir atop the proper sizes of before she and her family it is unbelievable anyway more on this local foot as soon as i got out of work done by heavy rain door uh i took the weather for granted and went to work without an umbrella my workplace doesn't have window so i don't know how but that it was outside oral cases elven not too much rain we actually need to read our plaid's are dying i mean you know you can never look at rain again the same way you look at right now right how about that fifty one inches and more in some place uh john says i've fell asleep at the early part of the raid the one of the afternoon and just before i walk around four for some reason i was dreaming about ping pong hitting the ball the packers leftfooted south like i i never heard that that before a couple more wayne says imagine if we had a king high tide and all.

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