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Game show Yeah he had problems as a. Sigma NU they. Were. Hated John has you from Texas I think so yes, right actor. Great, actor Forbes top ten highest paid actors. Of two thousand eighteen. Number ten Chris Evans Chris Evans. Areas Chris Evans. May, thirty four. Million. No clue, who Chris Evans is he was captain America say I have, no clue Nerd out no number eight. Number nine is Salman. Khan, thirty eight billion dollars I came. Out of a lineup either, I was hoping you Number eight Adam Sandler thirty. Nine point five million dollars, deal making some really bad movies he made. Some funny movies but he's made a lot of bad movies. He gets the. Earned six figures for each. Live comedy act I don't know Adam Sandler did stand up I know what he's made a lot of money on this because my. Whole, world has kids and that is the hotel Transylvania voice yeah he's the dry as the voice of the. Dracula the lead character Akshay Kumar made forty million last year Kumar very good actor is are you saying that is you know it. I, could made forty two million I have no idea, what he did Got twenty million dollars for net flicks is bright they. Haven't seen that I also do in Disney's adaptation of, Aladdin in two thousand nine hundred Jackie Chan this channel are. On this list that have been on this list for twenty years? The Jackie Chan Chan last year. Made forty five point five million dollars Fhu yoga Dogville yoga anybody seen other than captain America's anybody's seen, any movies what's kung, FU yoga I haven't seen it let's see six. Movies. In two thousand seventeen he did, the foreigner he. Did a series of product. Endorsements, okay, Chris Hemsworth sticks, or point two. Five, million dollar I know who he is yes store big. Hulking ventures big, hulking? Guy yeah I never three, eighty? One million, dollars last year alone Robert Downey junior really. He's he's the adventures guy right he's well. It's iron man made him so much money now he's had that whole comeback iron man the first. Ironman sorta was relaunched after the, guy, was basically left for dead for pretty good, reason they? Needed Sherlock Holmes and? Then yeah he's a great actor is best. Role though was. It was it in thunder he played the white guy? Playing a black he was? Good he was also was he in. That Tom. Cruise movie was he in that one we like so, much a sometimes alive His salary from two thousand seventeen really because he redid. His contracts for iron man and Spiderman, number two ED's favorite actor Dwayne the rock. Johnson one? Hundred twenty four million? Dollars last that's TV and that's movies and. He's also a. Producer k majority, of his money according to Forbes came? From human g welcome to? The jungle and number one again still Two hundred thirty nine million dollars last year alone. That would be George Clooney. George Clooney he's lucky to be alive biggest year he's ever had really, and I dare say probably the least popular. Year he made, his, money How the Quila he sold it he and Mike Melvin of discovery land. They sold that tequila. He brought in. His highest ever earnings his. Career in the history of Forbes. Actors for a single year to almost two hundred and fifty million dollars For his share of the seven hundred million dollars sale lives tequila company migos yeah he and Mike Melvoin of. Discovery land. They're building. A golf course these guys he made money making movies now making the money doing other stuff yeah Jeff. Ward and Ed Clements afternoons three. To seven on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety. AM and ninety nine point seven FM man. Oh man it's summertime the heat is here and there's? Something trying to get your house. And I'm not.

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