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All the commotion here. Sharipova Sheena employees never got the names of the good Samaritans who stepped in to help the clerk because of them. She says he has a fighting chance tonight back to you. That has worked for for about three years. Now, he has a wife three kids, including eight month old boy co workers in are trying to set up a fundraising page to help out with these mounting medical bills. We're tracking hurricane Florence live on the radar tonight still growing and getting stronger as it barrels towards the Carolinas and Virginia forecasters say by tomorrow Florence could be close to a category five hurricane capable of catastrophic damage. It's expected to make landfall on Thursday tonight store shelves are wiped clean and gas. Stations are bracing for another rush tomorrow. Some major highways will actually switch direction. So all lanes lead people away from the coast more than a million people have in order to evacuate tonight. President Trump declared emergencies in the Carolinas which frees up federal assistance and while crews mobilized he urged people on the coast to take necessary precautions, and if you're traveling to the east coast this week, you may be able to change your flight for free. American airlines. Southwest Airlines, delta and United are waiting flight change fees for trips in the storm's path and Morgan bowling is tracking the storm carefully. They certainly are. They have a sprawling campus and a Dreamliner assembly plant right in the path of Florence and the company's encouraging workers to heat evacuation orders. In fact, it's suspending operations in north Charleston tomorrow, so employees can get to safety following says it will only resume work once it's safe to do. So and with L, let's get to Shannon, O'Donnell where Shannon were watching. Florence. Where's expected to? Well, let's check out on the track. First of all, here's the satellite picture, and you can see how much Florence has grown over the weekend. A beautiful storm at this point really strengthening over the weekend can say it's still very far off the coast line from the Carolinas. Wind speed though sustained at one hundred and forty miles per hour, occasionally was stronger gusts than that it's still so far away as you saw. It's over eleven hundred miles southeast of Charleston moving right now at a good pace west-northwesterly at thirteen. But therein lies the issue because it's not going to continue to move that fast. This is the track we're talking about Florence taking over the next several days. It will move at about three hundred miles per day. Until it lands.

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