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Taylor van Cise spilling yell. At the editor's desk among the stories we're following today Senate Democratic leader. Chuck Schumer blasting President Trump's performance at the, Helsinki summit, with Russian president flat Amir Putin Schumer said Trump should have confronted, Putin over Russian interference in, the, two, thousand, sixteen presidential election and President Trump says. He agrees with. US intelligence assessment of Russian interference however at the White House today the. President said it could be other people also president argued that he. Misspoke when he said he has no reason to believe that Russia would be involved in election. Meddling ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrahams and. Genetic Genealogists Seymour spoke with ABC's Robin Roberts about the latest cold-case solved by using genealogy and a database CC, let me let me, begin with you you were able. To narrow down to two brothers one is Now behind bars explained, how you, go. About doing this so we're looking for people who share a significant stretches of DNA with the suspect we find them in the database jed match and then we reverse. The, family we reverse engineer the, family tree of, the suspect based on the. Family trees of the people that are sharing DNA with him comedy cases have you been working on and are are continuing to work on, I worked on. About, a, dozen so far but I have many more cases waiting for my attention so I expect that we will see lots. More arrests thanks to genetic genealogy I. Know a lot of families are hoping for that. CC Dan In this case to the. Suspect confessed and you find that a lot of these cases where you're able to use DNA evidence and they can present that to suspect and say look we now have your DNA there's now. New, testing out there that can confirm your our person that leads to a lot more confessions sometimes you don't, even need a. Trial they'll plead guilty etc you know we often talk. About how DNA helps prove people didn't do it also can help prove people didn't. Do it police have to verify the research, and information and sometimes it means. Going through a person's garbage is a problem the court it's actually supreme court case that relates to police going through people's garbage. And in one thousand nine hundred eighty s the supreme court decided that it? Is not a violation of the constitution that, you don't have an expectation of privacy when you put. Your garbage out now if there are particular situations where. If someone's garbage of. Courses in their home or in a closed garage that's the difference Situation but once the expectation of privacy is lost the police are allowed to go, through your garbage Some have concerns saying that innocent people could become suspects do you share. That concern actually genetic genealogy is capable of really eliminating hundreds or even thousands of people from consideration the cases I've been working on. Often have had suspect lists our person of interest lists with hundreds or, thousands of names on them. In genetic genealogy were able to narrow it down to just a handful two or maybe one person, so it's actually helping much less a number of innocent people being investigated for these crimes that's ABC's Robin, Roberts with Dan Abrahams and see Seymour. Former new York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman returned campaign donations today two months after he resigned. In disgrace ABC's, Aaron Katersky, has, more, after Eric Schneiderman was accused by multiple women of..

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