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His title is chief attorney at the San Francisco public defender's office. And now Matt Gonzalez said he'd be honored to take over for his late boss, if the mayor will appoint him, but as KCBS has Meghan goal three reports she has yet to say what decision she will make well at a lunar new year event in city hall, mayor London breed spoke about Jeff Adachi who died on Friday. It is a big loss to our city. And I am really honored to have called him, a friend. She has. Not yet commented though on who she's going to call as the next public defender Gonzales who's leading the office temporarily tells KCBS it would be an honor if she chose him. She has been a longtime friend at the office. She was very good friends with Jess. And just knows what the office does. She understands the importance of a strong central. So I'm confident that she will bear all of that in mind and making decisions S for the reports swirling around about the night Adachi died in Gonzales says some of those reports have been gratuitous and salacious the truth is none of that. At the end of the day is going to affect our opinion of Jeff Adachi. You know, he was just such a major figure in the defense community. He worked for so many people in San Francisco making gold, speak KCBS KCBS news time, ten twenty two Silicon Valley executives. Don't see the economy in our region slowing down anytime soon, we get that story from KCBS reporter, Melissa Colorado survey more than one hundred silica. Valley. Ceos and senior officers finds that fifty six percent of them expect to increase hiring over the next five to six years. Additionally, Silicon Valley leadership group senior vice president Brian Brennan says they're also expecting to grow their employees presence in both traditional tech hubs around the country and also in non traditional regions of the United States. This confidence comes despite challenges. The survey is part of the Silicon Valley competitiveness and innovation projects. Latest update and Silicon Valley leadership group president and CEO Carl Gordon says the update finds that traffic still is a problem with our average daily commute time on the rise last year. It was seventy two minutes on average round trip per workday. It's gotten worse by sixty seconds to seventy three minutes in the project. Silicon Valley is defined a Santa Clara San Mateo, and San Francisco counties, Melissa, call Ross KCBS doctors and San Francisco take care of many patients with limited. English proficiency and Google translate has proven beneficial. But a study out of UCSF offer suggestions to avoid mistranslation study looked at instructions patients received from clinicians when they're being released from the ER put these instructions through Google translate into both Spanish and Chinese and we found that it was pretty accurate that for Spanish translations over ninety percent were accurate and the Chinese translations over eighty percent were accurate. That's primary care research fellow. Dr Elaine kung who says there were a small percentage of instructions that could be life threatening. Like when the doctor told the patient to hold the kidney medicine, meaning stop taking it which the algorithm translated to Spanish keep the medication and to Chinese keep taking the medication. We definitely think that if clinicians are going to use these translations they need to use it with the English written instructions, so that patients know that that's really the definitive source of truth. She suggests doctors keep sentences simple and avoid spelling errors and Google. Translate is best used in combination with human interpret. Hitters even if they are over the phone or by video Margie, Schaefer.

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