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I think this is our ninth or tenth fight into state of New York, and we've been up upstate and all around spin a wonderful market for us. And I'm actually I can't wait for Brooklyn. Now, I'm I'm looking forward to the dillashaw Tila, Shah and Kudo. Is on that card. Dennis promoters to me. It just goes through want to see if this great hardy can really fight. I don't know how good the opponent is for sure. Greg hardy can fight. Well, you're right level. Yeah. All fight Dana white contender series, cool. Man. Everybody is a good fighter till they get hits when Tyson's lines. And I want to see if I could stand up because great Cardi comes out swinging. He's going to knock you out first punches if he can. So that'll be interesting. So I'm looking forward to this card, but as ban Sansone it. It's it's yeah. It's a good card. It'll be interesting to me. I'll get there. And the ESPN era is now born that's a huge huge thing for us. Yeah. It'll help it'll help the whole sport. But it is great for us. You'll see more shoulder programming. He'll see Dana on. Now, let's say Mike and Mike but get up or you'll see him with the Steven A. And all that stuff. You wouldn't get on FOX, right? No offense to FOX, which was a great partner for us. But this is a definitely a vertical move for us. And I'm delighted for sure all right? Randy one last thing here before we let you go. Tell us a little bit about pack. Our versus Browner, how do you see it going down? Give us a quick breakdown of that one. Well, it's is Manny Pacquiao a young forty years older z forty years old on the older side. If he's got the hand speed, if you still got the combination punching if he's got the foot speed, I think he's just going to be too much for Adrian broder who I think has been one massive of wasted talent. He's got Bruno really has everything. But I don't think he's going to bring it because he has never shown that. He does bring it every time. I'm looking for Manny Pacquiao to win it on a late round TKO or a one sided beatdown decision. Wow. Okay. Goes ready? Thus. I know you got a book coming out in April, commuting gives a little more information on that. Yeah. It's called glove affair, it's it's one of the works of my life. And Mark has been hearing about this for about four hundred years glove affair is going to be out Roman and little feel putting it out you could check it out on Amazon dot com or Roman ARA WFAN dot com..

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