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You've got the little hood side. Of. I feel like I want to wear them in here. So bright stunning shade. Listen, I have a pair of glasses that make everything look blue. Cloudy. We add on record the cloudiest fall that we've had since one thousand nine hundred eighty two which is awful. Yeah. It really is. Why not see everything in a shade of blue? Well, that's a good thing or some people were red red or right now. It's all about the rose. Gold is everything. Yeah. But I also still love the I love the exterior glasses that still have that little bit of green gold today. What have you made of all of the to do about the duchess of Sussex, and like were you down? Well, first of all were you living for her fashion every day when she was down under reuse obsessed as we were well, yes and no follow at just like you do. And plus I wake up every day. And you know, the today show. That's my news source. They wake up they are. There'd be on can't help. But see. No. I mean, I think it's even looked exhausted. From all the coverage. He was doing much. All the guy the correspondent on assignment sixteen days exhaust, right like, which can you stop wearing so many outfits. Yeah. You know, like literally do they do they do you think they still use trunks? How would you pack all those close? Yeah. I mean, the thing is, you know, they really do want to know the truth is when you get when you get designer clothes when we, you know, like in the days of like Neiman, Marcus our glamour, Emma, when all those things would come in. They came and trunks. They did. Trunks. And I'm sure she has her own line of trunks. I'm sure being a Royal. Can you imagine she's got a fitter? They're not in a suitcase there in a old fashion. You know, I mean, there's gotta to be like a particular protocol to to being a Royal that you don't carry your own suitcase. Don't wear dark nail pie. She were blind. No, I saw oh my God. That was so much Pearl clutching over now. I think that maybe the one thing that I was thinking about that. When she was delivering that that messaging was in the dress that she was wearing she was honoring somebody at the same point. I was wondering if maybe she wore that to honor her. Well, it just looks better. I mean. John mcdevitt Lincoln park after dark great nail polish wearing a black velvet, sometimes a nude male. Just does it's way way and she had those beautiful bracelets on. And. Cradling the bump so really shy lady in her hands. Well, I mean, it's I think it's a great time. To celebrate the fact that we have an American who's Royal lower. She's by racial, and why there is she gets so much crap in the British tabloids. You think so absolutely? You really? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Also think she's just a stunning woman. Yes, there's an undercurrent remember prince area to come right out. And he released a statement after they got engaged saying I will not tolerate and so the tabloids kind of backed off, but they in an under handed way trying to say, oh that there's all this rift. And to me, it's just that. There's a sense of oh, I can't believe in. Tear her down as I mean. The thing is she's a great communicator. So really, great speaker. I mean, this woman was an actor actress. A certain. A grown up woman life. Well, and in certain ways, I think each time she goes up there to speak. She's like, I've got my character in place gonna deliver. I mean because look she's flawless when speaks and they've got gotta be obviously, very pro that. Well, some people are, but the tablets are just kind of. I did I do think there's an undercurrent of racism in some of the coverage towards her. Well, and we come on a society, we built up just to take them down. We are not taking down the duchess everywhere. Quick makeup tech. Yes. For the holidays. What should ladies do special? You know, what here's the thing that I would say is like an I talk about this all the time. And I love I love anything like reminds you of youth and everything anything that reminds you of do. Like, if you go I mean, like, it's an it's an emotional attachment to you to go out and you go youth, boosting are you shine or use the it's there's just a certain momentum. I think that comes with that also goes it's gonna look on my face. But it's also gonna look on my soul. Yeah. Oh. The and one for me. And then you sparkle across the road. Yeah. Did you like the little highlight across the cheaper ladle highlighter? But I think e. That it doesn't look like a mirror slapped on your face. Yeah. I know some people get a lot happening. Get that blending that blending brush out the drag Queen at home. That's unless green brench the union. We need to make a date to do that. You know, they're dying down there. Totally go with you go with. Oh. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right. Flip phone your. I hope you're listening. We're coming. We're coming to the s it's at the union up BB's Herbandez, one of my really, really good friend. Good girl much. Oh, yes. Cream piquiachu? Oh, yeah. That's right. Yes..

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