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On iheartradio Fox Sports radio one one hour from now where Colin was right where Colin was wrong on the Super Bowl yesterday. Joy Taylor is joining me in a Monday. Well, well, well, I feel like I've been sitting in this chair before and a Monday after the Super Bowl several several times. So the patriots six Super Bowl wins Brady in all of them in all of us. Super Bowl wins has led the game winning drive in the fourth over time six for six but yesterday was in artistic yesterday wasn't pretty Tom wasn't great. I'm not that impressed wrong. I'm blown away. I'm gonna talk about a word today. That's always impressed me about a lot of Americans. A lot of people in the world resourcefulness the Los Angeles Rams had an incredible defensive game plan Tom Brady, you will not be able to throw the ball deep. Chris HOGAN, he'll never be open. Tom Brady loves to throw two running backs James white one catch. They took that away. The Rams also led the NFL this year in defending the bubble screen. That's not available. Tom Brady won a Super Bowl throwing to one guy of five nine slot receiver who was a quarterback in college who looks like Santa Claus. He wanted Super Bowl of that. What separates bear Grylls from me. Isn't the fact that he can climb a mountain? It's that he can do it with a spoon and a gum wrapper. I mean, I would need nine goats four tenths thirteen explores into as you vs. He can do it. With a ball of yarn resourcefulness. I'm sorry. But I'm not impressed with rich people's kids who go to Ivy league schools in prep schools, and then have a nice job and make six figures. I'm impressed with a kid who lived through divorces, maybe drugs in the family some abuse in twenty five years later, they're on their own company, overcoming life. Does not give you a linear path. It's not sunny every day with no traffic. And the kid slept through the night and you slept perfectly and the eggs were just right. That's not life. That's a television show. That's a script. Life is having to overcome crap bad bosses average help late to work a wreck..

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