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But I think I think even in the state he's in I still I still maybe it's installed jar. You know, maybe I need to let go of the past. I still see him as being. Incredible elite striker outta Sonya fight. Yeah. Oughta sign you clearly one. I'm not saying that that was a close friend or anything, but we saw the flashes. We saw the little flashes of how interesting Sylvia's and. Cananea is really good. He he's his his striking is so solid. He's got power. But I almost feel like that. He's the kind of guy that back in the day was exactly the kind of opponent that that Anderson Silva would clown. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm reading this wrong. Maybe I'm not noticing enough of what can your can do. But I do feel like I'm not saying it's gonna clown. I'm sensing an Ancilla win. I'm going for that's on right now. And it's going to win is going to beat Jared Kenya. Oh my goodness. The forty four year old data silver. You've got them. I men maybe he will. I mean, you look at what he has done over the last several years. I know he has struggled. But you haven't really seen Anderson Silva get blown out other than his fight against Daniel. Komen which there are a lot of circumstances around that fight that you can excuse other than that. You really don't seem get blown out. He lost the bisbee. He lost. He will beat Brunson. And then he lost the Addison ya those were all relatively competitive fights to some degree. I mean, I think it was tied with Izzy going into the final the third and final round. Isn't it actually really compelling fight people were were crapping on this? Mash of when it was booked, but I actually really liked this fight. I like to step up for Jared cannon near like like this question said he looked really good at middleweight is the guy started at heavyweight of C, and he has just slowly worked his way down. And he just put the wood on David branch back in November. This could be a big big big moment. Former we might have a new middleweight contender at the end of this night. I don't know how much longer in that that happens. I don't know how much longer I wanna see Anderson simply continue to do this and just be food for these young lions a feast on as they come up. But I think it will just be really cool to see Anderson in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro like the old days. Just doing it one last time. He he's forty four years. Young, sean. All right, listen, he's a he's a youthful forty four years old. I mean, honestly, I mean, literally if you look at him, you know, he's just he's been blessed with a smooth skin. You've probably wouldn't if I told you he was thirty four you'd probably but also look to borrow some pro wrestling parlance, which I know I know the a side of yours love if I had the book. I mean, there's no way I booked Jared cannon near and Anderson Silva in Brazil, if I think that there's a chance to Anderson's gonna get embarrassed. Like may I? Don't think Cananea is going to look who said blown out or knock him out or finish him. So that's fine. You know, maybe he still wins. And the crowd is just happy to see and civil put in work for fifteen minutes. But I think that the matchmakers know what they're doing here. And sure enough. It's it's it's going to be a showcase showcase. What's working as showcase fight for this far in his career? But a showcase flight four and since the. Yeah, I think I think Kenya is gonna be a good a good. What's the word for a good soldier soldier? Do do the job here as it were take three second tan to again, another pro wrestling term. So. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Over marks gone. The wrestling talkies and gone is not it might even increase. If you have me on again. All right. That's that's how it is. The pro wrestling talk, the Anderson civil love, you're telling me what your old Silva is coming into a showcase fight against the young killer..

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