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The replacement of the more liberal justice and maybe the replacement of one conservative but certainly not to. Well. That is A. Somewhat novel approach but we'll see we'll see if he's Allowed to remain majority leader in and continue on the track on this tack for the foreseeable future Leonard. Steinhorn CBS. News. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. It's always good talking with you. Always have to be here. Thanks people have been morning in lamenting the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg all weekend since her passing was announced on Friday the United States Supreme Court justice was like largely considered widely considered. I should say a real leading a feminist in. And somebody who was a Liberal on the court who was. Very well, regarded also very collegial less. She had a strong friendship from what I read with Anthony Lia, the conservative lying on the court and is someone who is many many people. Are Sorely missing already and will continue to for some time wanted to bring in a couple of monitors of lawyers actually who I've had have known Ruth Bader Ginsburg at different stages in her life and one who went to Harvard law school with her is Joseph. Frank he is. Retired now but was with Paul. Franken. Collins. Based in Burlington for quite a number of years and Mr. Frank. Thank you very much for joining me this morning. Good Morning. And and Also is an attorney in private practice. Now, I believe it was with the Vermont Attorney General's Office, and while there was actually argued some cases in front of the Supreme Court. While one of the justices wise Ruth Bader GINSBURG got the. Justice Ginsburg In inaction shall we say and the bridge. Bridge today see also on the line with us this morning. Good Morning Brig. and Dan Richardson is a frequent guest on the day. Grab show often stops fired or gets on the phone with lesson. Offers legal analysis. I wanted I. wanted to bring in down a little bit this morning to just chat about. The Future Direction of Supreme Court jurisprudence, and so on obviously, we don't know who the exactly who the next her justice do will be to be appointed. To take the place of Bater Ginsburg. Dan is on the line this morning maybe offer some thoughts about that as well. Good Morning Dan. Morning. I'd like to start if I could I guess chronologically in terms of knowing Ruth Bader Ginsburg Joe Frank you you went to. Law School with her at Harvard and Wondering, was she real standout back then? She was unable student she participated. Fully in the classes along with all American. I believe there were only Think about five out of the..

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