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Rams and Steelers Pittsburgh a home underdog getting three and a half points yeah I really underestimate the Steelers the entire year I seem to pick against on almost every opportunity I get and I'm going to do it again I I still don't love their offense when they're pressured into having to rely on it to win a football game I mean Gee they still have issues at running back Jalin sandals showed up last week in and played well in Mason Rudolph is answer the call but it's really about their defense there and when they get tested against a team like the rams with their short passing game I think there's going to be a lot of pressure on the defense when the game the offense will be able to respond I like the rams and a spike in the LA there is a man in this man's name is Keren Donald word Erin Donald played college football geo I watched in my own two eyes I'm taking their knowledge and the rams on the road in his hometown essentially Pittsburgh Hays down the Steelers Stiller should a loss to the colts last week I'm gonna take L. A. to go into Heinz field and when this with the three or other minus a three and a half giant all that last Sunday night football Vikings at eighteen T. stadium against the cowboys the cowboys given up three points another one of those spots and everything says cowboys right because in this on the road national TV games not a spot for him Kirk cousins record against the NFC east and the cowboys when he was there with a member of the Washington Redskins not good I have to stick with my formula with the Minnesota Vikings you put the Vikings indoors they find a way away you stay calm outdoors.

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