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To tip the scale. I can see that Shang Tao will be certified as Oakland's next mayor. Taylor said he called tau to congratulate her, but in a twist, the 6th district council member said there may be an effort on the part of his supporters to prompt a recount. I will not be leaving a recount effort. But I do understand that others are exploring this option. And any registered voter in Oakland can ask for a recount and fund it. A tau campaign spokesperson tells kcbs, the possibility of a voter led recount effort does not alter their plans to hold a victory celebration Wednesday, tau earlier issued a statement saying she was excited and humbled by the victory. In Oakland, Jeffrey Chao became CBS. San Francisco city leaders are sending a message to electric scooter companies, play nice or get out. In this case EBS was David Welch reports, one of the city's biggest providers is eager to comply. Officials have been cracking down on electric scooters, paying close attention to riders on sidewalks and illegal parking, and the city is issuing fines for both. San Francisco allows three companies to rent out scooters. Lime spin and bird, and if officials find that a scooter is breaking the rules, fines go to the company, not the customer. For Jacob togan Drake with lime, playing by the rules and paying the fines is fine with him. Our success hinges on being the best and most responsible partners to the cities that we serve that we can be. A scooter provider is charged a $150 per parking violation and $500 for a rider on a sidewalk. Line passes half the fine on to riders, hoping to discourage poor behavior, and lime says they're running a campaign this month to educate riders about city rules. Efforts to contract says that will only benefit lime in the long run. We look at San Francisco as a whole and our partners in government on the board of supervisors as our partners in trying to make transportation better. David Welch? Angry protesters are demanding Los Angeles city council members, Kevin de Leon and Gil se dio to resign, which is bringing meetings to a standstill, Craig figner reports from LA city hall. Seconds after this morning's LA city council meeting was gaveled to order close to 30 protesters, got up and got loud yet again, forcing LAPD to declare an unlawful assembly. Just to make

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