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Joining us now offers corner is Michael I office he's written a book called profit from what the weather climate and health disasters we had such interesting conversations off there about his background why he wrote the book eccentric because we know that this is such a live wire between the people who believe in climate change and those who don't so let me tell you about his background twenty five years plus as a physicist and he comes in from the Soviet Union to the United States so Michael thank you so much for joining us on the show you're welcome tell tell the audience about your background you were of a physicist so obviously you solve things you looked at things and that's partially what led you to write the book in my right to to in physics the customer that they workers teacher of physics for five years and this is a new continued for twenty five years and I came to United States in nineteen ninety two working to fit into the the company's soon but if it's a problem with using please enter the tended to in two thousand four when I retired it's time for us than we do start to cook so both climate change and found many mistakes even into the article and and so tell me jump in here so tell us about what you saw as the mistakes that were frustrating you that the the article and the things that you were reading about who's this five global climate change and phone four hundred ninety three mediums of what the costs are both climate most of them repeat the same mistakes that could be because because this is there some sinful does climate fortunately for you on the U. S. food their food put tape so Fukin because because this Asia later in the night the vision and oxygen tends to be a that night but it didn't have the oxygen what a way to put it out like that the the more the Gaza soon in their property to a quarter of a billion could huge rural in nature despite what the Republicans in Congress EnPro portable Booker the atmosphere there despite what that we put into giving those guys why is the recording because the most with the disability simple millions and billions of political us so what better way but he'll be in and it was your own fault you may conclude this what you will fertilize that didn't bother what you'll owe for their where to list my local so what better way for it's what you like balloons we will go to up its purpose for them close good confirmation about the death wow and so you know it's it's and explaining that and seeing especially so the amount of of articles and and what you saw and it what the you think the confusion is when people are listening to our interview and by the way you can get the book profit from whether climate and health disasters on Amazon you can get you can get it on on kindle of course and Michael when you see that and use you see companies you see NASA you see the economy and policy Hey do you think this is all wrapped into that it's because you say that in the title profits so people are profiting in your opinion after you know thirty years as a design engineer and then come to the United States and ultimately retiring seeing that it's a political game of course this is some kind of political game but they prefer to see mistakes in a sense of climate change but your feet are you all for real fruit forum climate there is a claim at the end to a real disaster and to produce this article only fifteen pages hi or low what the **** them both where we can create tens of millions the high paying jobs the end of it insignia in my previous background right foot iPhone the description what I can however the United States can could be windy okay beta jobs this is the reason why a but wrote about parole should not be courses at some but the take profit photo David mistakes I got it said so that people can actually profit and and make money on on what you're saying and we can move during store U. S. we could easily via quiet Burke then the climate disaster this is a global warming and global cooling conditions and how would you how would you suggest that so like scientists people that can specifically work on that first of all I fooled two one third in use this will do scientists off night this who but it permitting the state the food mistakes on level four seven grade book sent this the student the after the death for some reason man this sentence of climate change he's mistaken there's a dogma it's very easy to fold where to use mistakes and will be used to control to the proper to both the moving that much sweeter despite what the weight but it shouldn't cause guys hello at the end the Swedish scientist what was his name and you talk about him in your book it uses one third in use this image through this mistaken food do you move two sentences there were two but they can understand its mistakes I explained to what kind of mistakes he made yeah you talk about in your book you said that he calculated that a doubling down of atmospheric.

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