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Right on monday. A dutch court ruled that blank drivers are employees. Not contractors uber drivers. Yes in a of the stories all leashed. Pets are welcome bones. Man in texas brought his blank to a local petco horse no his sixteen hundred pound giant african with busy steer same thing. Not really though. He was sure he'd be turned away at the door. The man was shocked when the petco welcomed him and his steer with open arms. Employees came out from the back. They took pictures with giant animal. They showed him around the store. There was there three by. They say this is the strangest leashed pet they had ever had in the store outside of bpm night. Of course bill. How did tom papa. Doing acquiesced violated great six riot. Twelve more points he now has fourteen. He is in the lead all right. Brian filling the blank on tuesday. The army said that active duty soldiers must get blanked by december fifteenth vaccinated. Right on wednesday. The world anti doping agency vowed to review its ban on blank use by marijuana. Yes this week. Fox news signed a deal for a new show with british pundit blank. Got pierce morgan. Yes good this week. Police in south carolina arrested a man with an atm neck tattoo and suspicion of robbing blank. A bank no an atm bank on sunday the tsa announced it was doubling fines for travelers. Who refuse to wear blanks mask right this week. Police throughout the uk warning stores not to solve blanks to children or teens. The the aerosol cans the no no. That's an american problem.

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