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In and every email over decades. said, hey. Can you read this for me? Can You watch this for me? Can you do this thing with me? He said yet every single time. It. Just made me cry I. I just wow. He was just a hundred percent there for me. And Yeah I mean I. Get all worked up about it. I I just loved him so much I put out a book called. It's Gary Shannon's book because I found so many hilarious jokes and journal entries and photos that if people are interested in that, they can check that out and the doctors on HBO, streaming. So you, you can still see it if Have a lot of time if it's four hours, and that'll four hours of your day APP Italian King of Staten Island here on the rich Eisen show the Yankees having affiliate on Staten Island and made in. It's your film You are a met Fan. Though correct, you're a die. Hard met fan. I'm a fan of the mets. I was a kid and I used to go to see Dwight Gooden del Strawberry when I was in a senior at high school and I went to so many of the great white good and Games those were festivals, Judd, those were fest were like circuses when he would get on the mound and people start clapping with two strikes. It was unbelievable. I, it's hard to describe the people going baseball game where every single pitch for the entire game, the place exploded. energy in those. Dwight gooden games was incredible I remember seeing him threw a one hitter to hit hitter against the cubs that year and I've I've never seen anything more exciting, and then I got a thirty for thirty about Dwight, gooden. Darryl strawberry now is great stuff now. What? What do you do? again I I. Know You're from the New York City Metropolitan area, and your new film is about. What do you do with a guy from New Jersey? Who Works on your show? WHO's known to exaggerate the truth a little bit who claims to have started the K. Corner? What do you? What do you say about the? New York Times. Article I showed you guys. He's A. Guy Mike del Tufo says he started the K. Corner. Judd! That's pretty incredible. He really says that now I did not start it. Well I knew the people that started. Bottoming Times because of the guys that we used to sit with us. Did, it left. To credit okay, you missed it. Over thank you, Judd, you see. He understands based Youtube Schmo. Just say I'm a liar so without you. There was nobody hanging backward ks now, and we did that for the game, and that was what we stayed for judge. You should've concluded him in your in your thirty for thirty. Basically what I'm saying, you know that was a big part of my life those cases. Changed Baseball people did they did that I. Guess in some ways they still do it, but then it was exciting back then I don't know. They don't even let people play enough of the game now to get any strike. strikeouts track I. Know Now that's good, and it would be just like well third time through the order against a left-hander. We'll put the shift on. Maybe we'll just take them out. You know the let the computer decide they go. Thanks for the time. Thanks for the call. CONGRATS in the King of Staten Island, I recommend that any any any better we're. GonNa we'RE GONNA have bill burr up next week Oh. Yeah, real quick, ask ask him a poll question. Before before we go, we have about two minutes left I. It's the anniversary of the Sopranos Finale today. So, we're asking everyone. Do you think the members only jacket Guy Killed Tony at the end? I just say this. I am a big fan of that ending. I think that time has proven the David Chase was correct. I think it's It's almost a religious type of ending which is, it doesn't matter where you end. It doesn't matter that that's that was the life. It doesn't matter if he got killed. That day didn't get killed to. It's a it's the emptiness Buddhist expression so I say There's no way to ever know hand. What does it sound of one hand clapping guys? You know what I'm saying. Director screenwriter. Sports Talk Radio Show you must have an opinion. There is no or there is no nuance in this. In this medium judge, Rene you vote for what you think. He's dead or not. Oh. We shouldn't celebrate like now. Take care take care thanks. There's Judd appetizer. See four out of. The directors like it's very. He went the very garry shandling answer. Fun Chat again. The Kingstown Islands a really fun deep film and Pete. Davidson is also I'll use this word revelation. Oh! That's what that's. What film critics say. Poster. Ya! Revelation Dash Rich Eisen richeisenshow. Please put that thanks to rich climbing. Jimmy Johnson Riccar Lyle and Joe Thomas. And you. We will see you back here on Thursday at. The Rich Eisen show on NBC. Sirius Xm channel eleven in you cou dot com slash richeisenshow. The Adam Corolla shows going on the road next. Stop Nashville Tennessee Clay Travis is joining me on Friday and podcast ones Kaitlyn Bristowe from off..

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