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It. He started watching episode from the start. Start if a dentist start is is insane. I remember honestly like i was like billick. I had to like you know my caller texture. I was a little worried about your mental health dealing with the pandemic differently. But you going back and watching every episode of the challenge that a little bit of a red flag warning signs because everything cool. He's a cool. I just had it on the background of i work. We watched it watched it but we started at like rivals. I think screeners dude. I know what happens tonight crazy. I don't like this season as much as i want to. But it's because we were watching dirty thirty we were in the military thirty which all race olga. and then. i was going to this one. And i'm like oh i'm getting confused. I can't simultaneously watch two seasons of challenge but it made me realize the reason we love it. We can get into this the next time you do. Guess is because it's a recurring cast in a competition reality show and nobody else has that so you. It's basically like sports in that you get. I know you've always said that. But it's like you get seasons of like rivalries between new people new people enough old people think there's something about just like old friends i've known been and assured on. I've i've been a fan of johnny bananas for what sixteen years so just hearing the cadence of his voice and seeing his dumb hair. Just makes me feel comfortable. You know what i mean. it's just. It's just a television massage when i see. That's my brother. that's my brother. I never met this man. That's very strange. Ct tonight on tease episode. It's actually last night. Ct last night has very little impact. But at the end of the episode he drops a four sentence impression which is just chef's kiss brilliant. I can't wait to watch all right. Well we'll let you go. Thank you so much for doing this. It's nice to see you any time. Someone cancels home and all right. That's it for this week's edition of sports shout out to simplisafe full sail university and better help and to jacoby for joining me. Go check out his podcast. Jalen and jacoby I think it's still yet to show don before h q so. Check that out as well. Big thanks to you guys for listening now and then again later on a different streaming service. We still doing that. Bristol still doing that. We hit in the download button. I don't make an account and then download. I dunno help you're doing great though are downloads or great. You're doing great but keep doing great. Don't stop or you can always leave us. A nice review wherever you're listening to this podcast. Which by the way we read and we love them and either travis or stena. I'm just seeing for the first time. Snuck into stock a review. So i didn't have to panic. And now i kind of miss it like this. One from a c. g. t. r. s. apparently says katie sparkles like tb. Twelve super bowl ring. And at first. I was like what. What a weird. Why would they just put in a review. That's just a complement of me. And then i read it again and was like oh because it's one of them compliments. That hurts so travis did it. Lastly don't forget that you can always live last hour. I wasn't supposed to do it that way. So then i added a little while at the end. The numbers eight six. Oh five oh six five five seven one keep calling in with your awesome hypotheticals and debates. You've had with your friends because they're going to be very fun to do on the podcast. And i love them. Say goodbye jacoby. Thank so much. Katie for having me on by said say goodbye. Goodbye podcast magic. He's not really still here. But i had them say goodbye. How about that. Dan patrick fi love you venus..

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