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It's like. Maybe like into the Ramseys. Oh, man. That's the that's how you change it marked a milestone, I'm so proud of y'all who was your outside sharing you on outside of your family. We had a lot a lot of family, parents cheered us on. And then you know, I can't keep quiet so spread it with all my hunting clients had a lot of cheerleaders in there as well that the classes you've taught on while you're leading financial peace. Absolutely. They tell everybody to. Excited. Is there? Life is changed. I mean, you guys are going to be multimillionaires. It's going to be their life is completely shifted. Right. Amazing. So well done well done. I'm so proud of you guys are neat. What a great story. Thank you. Great story. Well, we've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you. This is your next chapter for sure every day millionaires. You may already be there. You're pretty close. Value this house 4._0._1._K money stuff. You're you're gonna be there before you know, it, and then we're going to work on the Decca Megan air there you go. So well well done guys, Don, it's a great story because you persevered for so long. What do you tell people the key to getting out of daddy's? Just power through it. It's not a microwave microwave plan. You've got all the tools, you get you just gotta stick with it and do the heavy lifting. Now what enabled you to stick with it? Do you think my rockstar wife? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're our our biggest cheerleaders Weeden down and work through a lot of things together. Yeah. Yeah. I don't. I don't think you've hardly got a shot. If you don't do it together. Yeah. Communication, especially when you start ten months, you can pull it off. But ten years you can't you can't drag game by ten years. It just get bloody. I mean, it's just bad, but you guys together. And now how old are you to thirty nine and thirty eight all you're not even. In your house is paid for. I love this. All right. Brandon Anna, Abby and hunter their house and everything is paid off two hundred ninety six thousand dollars paid off in ten years making seventy five to one thirty five count it down. Let's hear scream three two.

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