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Taking less medicine. They're eating less food. How much more can they be asked to do? Picketers tried to deliver letters from furloughed workers to the lawmakers staff and organizer describe their efforts says peaceful, but says they weren't allowed in the group briefly chanted and banged on windows after trying to hand over the letters and police automatically asked him to leave. The building McConnell was in Washington at the time for NPR news. I'm Josh James in Lexington Kentucky. US diplomats have only days to leave. Venezuela after nNcholas Maduro ended diplomatic ties with Washington Maderas. Authoritarian government is facing a crisis after tens of thousands demonstrated against him in Caracas today. Hazel? This protesters speaking in Spanish said police reached in his pocket and stole his phone. As blood was being washed off him President, Donald Trump and other world powers are now publicly recognizing the opposition leader one Guido as interim president he's thirty five and was only recently elected as head of Venezuela's national assembly amid deepening economic and political turmoil on Wall Street today, the Dow closed up one hundred seventy one points to twenty four thousand five hundred seventy five the NASDAQ inched up five points. This is NPR. In c-, bring Florida located about two hours south of Orlando. Five people are dead following a shooting there NPR's Greg Allen reports on an attempted Bank robbery. Police in see bringing central Florida six shortly afternoon they received a call from a Bank after man entered the began firing gunshots. He brings police department and the highlands county. Sheriff's office responded and set up a perimeter around the Bank. See bring police chief Carl Hoglund says they then began negotiating with the suspect identified as twenty one year old on Xaver while engaged negotiations. I ordered or asked the sheriff to send in the tactical unit or their swat team in an attempt to recover potential victims and take the subject into custody after assessing the scene Hoglund says the swat team found multiple people dead. It's not clear whether the swat team fired their weapons, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody, Florida governor Rhonda's Santa's called it a terrible day for C bring highlands county. And the state of Florida Greg Allen NPR news tax season officially begins next week. But because of the partial government shutdown fewer federal workers will be working on tax returns. Sixty percent of furloughed IRS, employee's were recalled to work last week, though several hundred are allowed to stay home due to financial hardship under the IRS employees union contract. The NASDAQ closed up five points to seven thousand twenty five the s&p closed up five points to two thousand six hundred thirty eight this is NPR. Thank you for.

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