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Grad from the 24 hour news room. The body of actress Naya Rivera has been found in a lake in Ventura County. Rivera's body was found just below the surface in the northeastern section of Lake Piru called the Narrows. We do believe she was in that area when she went swimming based on our conversations with her son. The information that we had from the witnesses in the area into a county sheriff Bill a YouTube says the section of lakes Ah lot of plant growth when conditions were dryer when the lake refilled with water that growth remained and made it very, very difficult for divers. For sonar operators and for researchers, Rivera disappeared while swimming with her four year old son. Last Wednesday, her son was found safe on the pontoon They rented at Lake Piru, Chris and Carl. Okay. Fine news report Brought to you by MIKE Diamond. The smell good plumber. This city of Ella's Housing department has opened its one week window for people impacted by covert 19 to apply for Rent relief program. Allows up to $1000 per month and up to a maximum Of $2000 per household Rent stabilization director and Ortega told Kay If I last week, people will have to meet certain income requirements and they'll have to prove their income has been cut by the pandemic. The application deadline is Friday. The program has enough money to help about 50,000 households, but so far 150,000 people have applied. Recipients will be chosen at random for the latest on businesses open and closed across. So Cal. You can check out our website Kay. If I am 6 40 dot com The keyword is open. The head of the World Health Organization, says Covert 19 is public enemy number one and the only way that will change his people will have to dramatically change their behavior. I want to be straight with you. There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future. Director General Dr Ted Rose at Hannam Gabri says, says world leaders are giving mixed messages on how to best fight Covert 19 he says that undermines the most critical ingredient of any response to a crisis trust. The area of high pressure that brought the blistering heat over the weekend moves East. Tomorrow We start the day with a marine layer and a cool feeling. The sixties are coastal cities warmed in the mid seventies L. A based in Orange County climb to the lower eighties. There is a critical fire threat for our valleys and deserts as strong onshore winds blow tomorrow afternoon with temperatures in the lower nineties. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now it's 69 Orange 68 in Costa Mesa, 71 in Burbank and 65 Culver City. We lead local from the cave by 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad. North outside.

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