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Also catch Matt ample Sweeney hosting Bloomberg markets That's at 10 a.m. Eastern Time Okay you have an interview as well when it comes to the focus in terms of UK politics I know you've been speaking to a senior member of the Conservative Party Yeah absolutely So this is about Boris Johnson and whether he's actually lost some authority now given the overran spread and the concerns One MP who actually voted against the new curbs that were brought in so mask wearing and having to have a COVID pass for a busy venues was Anne Marie Morris who's a conservative MP for Newton abbot that's down endeavor kind of coastal constituency You imports and I was speaking to ombre Westminster yesterday We asked her whether the number the volume of MP's voting against the government's measures was actually about health or whether it was about dissatisfaction with the prime minister and all that has gone wrong in the past month Have a listen That's a very interesting question And I think it must be true that the value of the case in some decisions But I think the reason people voted the way they did were quite varies and I think therefore you're right to raise the .1 I think there was a large chunk that worked very concerned about the proposals themselves Not just because of what those did but because of the direction of travel the teach set I mean I have little doubt but we are going to find further restrictions It may well be that it will be by guidance by legislation particularly given last night boat but more restrictions I'm sure there will be Okay so you do think that Is there a leadership challenge then for Johnson come the new year I think was regard to leadership challenges with all about competences that ultimately that's what makes or breaks a prime minister and is tenure And I think at the moment there will be questions with those other questions Around competence And that's partly about how deployment that is addressing some big policy issues But it's also I think about an inevitably I have to say in those party data and various other issues out there Because it seems to me that a prime minister has to be competent in the way he governs a country competent in developing and delivering policies but they also have to be competent in dealing with good and bad news And they also have to be competent in that when they set a direction of travel when they set legislation They comply with it Okay Anne Marie do you think that the prime minister is competent I think that that question is very much in the melting pot right now I do have some concerns about the way this COVID matter is being addressed and you can see that from what I've said and the way that I've voted And I think for me we're going to have to look at I'm going to have to look at Where is he going with this COVID Do I feel managing this competently and responsibly for the British public But I'm also going to be looking at some of the other big policy areas whether it's environmental policy whether it's planning policy where housing policy all of which have very significant impact for all of us and my constituents How many of your colleagues agree with you on that competence question I think most would agree that what is really all about I mean I'm sure that you're going to be suggesting that there will be some who are looking at it through the in terms of their survival the chances of them being reelected come of elections And clearly they will be some that think about it in those terms But I think all those particularly those who have been here for a long time it is about competence So that word competence striking really in that interview with Anne Marie Morris conservative MP for Newton Abbott and Devin How the view of the prime minister has changed We're going to have much more film on politics today in the midst of this wave in Britain 12 new lunchtime Bloomberg Westminster cantar public CEO Craig Watson will be with us for the latest British polling and people in the UK are worried about three quarters In fact very worried about this new COVID strain And of course the prime minister and his team have to weigh up the data that they're being presented with by their medical experts with of course that back bench within the Tory party who ideologically are opposed to further restrictions and that is proving a very difficult balancing act for the prime minister Along with all the scandals that he's been involved with in the next few months and that's taking its toll I will be fascinated to see if Andrew Bailey he'll certainly be questioned on it whether he says anything on o'clock from the Bank of England perspective We'll talk about the market and all of these Central Bank decisions in a moment and catch in Peterson.

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