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To gender right which is great and when i was reading about it it seems like they brought you in because you said hey look gonna work for free. It's an internship and they were like l. Sure come on in and i. I'm very quick to note guests I do realize the tremendous tremendous fortune. I had that. I was able to do an internship for no pay and i am extremely cognizant that note not. Everyone has the luxury of doing that now. The good news is today. Nowadays those internships pay a million years ago. When i did my insurance. They didn't pay. And i do recognize how lucky i was fortunate. I was that. I could do one for no pay. But i was in grad school. I heard all these other kids talking about these. Things called internships and externships. So i called the raiders The team had relocated to los angeles the same year i graduated from college. The team had tried a few years earlier but been ordered back by the by. The court finally came down the year. I came down for grad. So i picked up the phone and i said i'd like to do an internship and they patched me through someone who said well what does that and i said. Well i'll work for you and you won't pay me. They said come on down. And that's how i started my career but again i recognized how fortunate i was to be able to do that. But the good news is that today. Those internships pay so. Did you when you went and did your internship for you in all the different areas or did you to stay in one area. Like because my son's in sport management he just graduated from delaware. He's interning at the hall of fame right now and he does marketing yeah. He's in the marketing he's in ticket. Sales like there's so many different things that are part of an organization. Like the raiders. What did you do as an intern. the right thing which is do as much as you can in every area that you can and learn as much as you can. I joined the organization as an intern in the legal department. But you know what. I went into the ticket office On on the day or so before a home game and helped alphabetized. The will call envelopes. And i went into the Scouting department and i helped them organize all the scouting material. I went to every department. And said how can i help. And that's another thing. I tell people. Yes it's important that you fulfil your primary responsibility but if you're part of a team roll up your sleeves and help your team mates. Don't sit there and talk about being a good teammate. If you're not rolling up your sleeves and helping everyone you can in every department you can. Let me tell you something that hunter telling you. I was going to be funny and say. Let me tell you something you know full. Well know if the left tackle can't get his job done if he needs some help walking his man the left guard is gonna slide over and say let me help you and you know it always interested me that people in the front office of an organization who wanted to talk so much about the importance of teamwork on the field of the left guard sliding over to help the left tackle left guard could handle both responsibilities of the safety helping the corner who was having trouble defending his man. We know what if that's what you expect teammates on the field. Why should it be any different in the front office. So you know if i could go into the ticket office and help them alphabetize ticket envelopes. Hey i was helping. I was being a good teammate. And be. I was learning about tickets so i think your son is doing the right thing and he should help in every department he can awesome. So do you think that because you were there like you started as an intern. And then they brought you back. They hired you. I don't know if it was one or two years later but then like you were there for like you said almost thirty years. How much of a benefit was that. Because you got the no. I'm sure you knew everybody in that organization. Because i think that's so special when you can walk down the halls and say hi so-and-so-and-so's you're saying instead of just saying hi. You know what i mean. I know what you mean. And i think it has all as you said you know. There's two sides to every coin. It was marvelous Just magnificent to be there. As long as i was i will forever cherish the memories but the flip side of that is i grew up on the job. So you know. I started as an intern. When i was in the early part of my twenties and i joined full-time and sort of the mid part of my twenties Not only grew up on. I not only grew up within the job. I grew up on the job. Not only in a job sense but in a growing up sense. So you know i wouldn't. I would just say this all of my mistakes. That i made and i made a lot of mistakes. They were with me. Those whole thirty years and i wouldn't trade it for anything but growing up on a job is Is a challenge. Because you're living with those mistakes you made from day one and the one person who it might surprise many people to know was the most understanding of making mistakes and my growing up on the job was out right. Yeah that's what i figured is that he kinda i. I think that with mr davis was just about you under you. Know he let you kind of expand and grow and and he trusted you. That's what it sounded like. He really trusted you. You were the one out you know up during the night and learning and doing all these things in let him sleep through the night you know. That's correct what if well you're absolutely right He did trust me and the biggest misconception about him is that you couldn't disagree with him. If that was true. I'd have been fired. Two two and a half weeks into my job because he walked into a room. I was sitting with someone he lit into that guy. Like i can only imagine a philosopher. Raptor would rip into And after a period of time. I realized he was wrong. So i said excuse me. You're wrong and i don't have a dainty voice at all at every And he look. I will never forget the look on his face when he turned around and looked at me. Like what and i said you're wrong. And he raised his voice. And i raised my voice and i said look if the facts on what you are. Basing your conclusion were accurate it would be a fair conclusion. But you're basing your conclusion on inaccurate data and we had a huge argument and ultimately after going back and forth for quite a period of time loudly to the point that everyone in the organization gathered outside the office to listen to us and one woman got boxes. Because she figured. I'd have to pack looking at me said okay. I gotcha i gotcha. And we went on. And i will tell you guess. We disagreed more than we agreed over the thirty years i was with him or almost thirty years and that was fine with him which which is awesome that is that the way to go in and what of what organization that you know he built and then you've got to sit right along and help them build it. I mean i know that you were more on the executive side. The nfl side dealing with all the day to day stuff more than the players side. But i play with so many guys. That came from the raiders. One of my really good friends when i was with the redskins past danny turkey. I don't know if you remember danny. of course. of course. I will say i never called him danny but i i remember that was just for you right. Yeah oh yeah yeah we. We had so much fun. It was really savvy when he passed but like oh man just to what an organization. What a place and You've seen it grow now to where it's in vegas and how do you feel. How'd you feel about it. Moving leaving going to vegas. Next emotion and these are not mutually inconsistent It's a magnificent stadium and for those fans that were excited by the move and we're going to follow the team to vegas whether they live in the bay area or elsewhere they'll to vegas for the games. I'm delighted for them. And for the fans who are heartbroken. I'm.

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