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Virus recently, and that's why you know, Christmas was so dangerous and New Year's Eve, they said, was more dangerous because we saw a big spike it Thanksgiving. Private gatherings. People weren't requiring people to wear guest toe where mask sort of distance and I can't see that ever being the way it is, If you're going to invite someone into your home, and then everybody's going to sit around in masks that that there are some that are doing that it would just be very strange for me. If you're a guest in my home if you're someone that I have no well enough to be in my home. I know you shouldn't matter That trust doesn't have anything to do with how well you know somebody, but you know, that's the feeling from people that people are not going to, Um, ask someone that's a guest in their home and feel they always strange about them and that they want them to wear a mask. Um and then I didn't think he would comment and he said he wouldn't. But I guess he did. In a way, the CDC saying You shouldn't cheer and clap during the game. I don't know. I'm not gonna come back. We'll see that There are a lot of people in public health center in Ivory Towers. And that sounds like an ivory tower kind of suggestion. And it is it's one that's unrealistic. People are going to cheer and people are gonna have a good time at their at their Super Bowl parties or gatherings. If they have them. I do think people have learned a lesson and I've seen what's happened. And so there are they are distancing a little more. You notice that people even in private homes or not. Sitting on top of each other. They are being a little bit more respectful of space. And you know the awkward thing When you see someone is are you shaking hands or bumping elbows? Even if you're wearing masks? What are you doing? I think people are starting to understand that we are getting closer and closer to being vaccinated and herd immunity is around the corner. And it would be very strange and very It would be sad for a lot of people to go this far into this to remain covert free to be close enough to getting a vaccine to find out they're going to get Cove it. It doesn't make a lot of sense. So people are are being cautious as they should be there being very cautious. So coming up in a couple of moments we are going to do. Did you hear this? If you're new to listening to the show, we always say thank you. I appreciate you checking us out, but what we're going to do in the next segment we do every day at 11 20. It gives you an opportunity to catch up on the biggest news stories of the morning while you're at work, not being able to listen and get caught up. We'll catch you up in one segment, so stick around. Ford is coming up in just a couple of moments. You know, um, the people that listen to this show that have heard me talk about Carol Roy's Kala Williams Realty East Valley, Your Valley wide team for years and years and years. That's the person they call when they're ready to sell their home when you want to get the absolute That's the goal, right? I want to sell my home for absolutely the most amount of money that I can and I want to sell it quickly. Well, Carol has found ways to do this. She has seven unique home seller systems. That she has developed over her time in this business, these air, not gimmicks. These are unique time tested trusted systems that help sell your home quickly and for top dollar No one that I know of, can make the claims that she can make selling homes twice as fast as the average agent and getting her home sellers more money, and she does that for her clients. That's why I recommend her for 80776 50 to 31. That's 480776 50 to 31 480776 50 to 31 or online at Carol has the buyer's dot com. Trump on.

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