Nlrb discussed on Opening Arguments


So very obviously if you protected the right to unionize and the right to bargain collectively but you didn't protect the right to strike that would obviously undercut substantially the role of of collective bargaining in our society so so here's what the statute says this is twenty nine usc one fifty seven it says we protect employees rights to form join or assist labor organizations to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing and this is the critical part to engage in quote other concerted activities for the purpose of mutual aid or protection so that's the national labor relations act that act created a government agency the nlrb the national labor relations board which issues regulations that interpret what are other concerted activities what is this meat this runs smack up against the federal arbitration act and the federal arbitration act nine usc to says an arbitration agreement quote shall be valid irrevocable and enforceable save upon such grounds as exist at law or inequity for the revocation of any contract and that provision called the savings clause right so now the question before the court is a two step question number one is engaging in a class action lawsuit a kind of quote other concerted activity for the purpose of mutual aid or protection of workers and then if so the the question that i think everyone agrees with would that then provide a groundout law for the revocation of contract that would require you to surrender so so it boils down to.

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