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Another low pressure system on the way with more rain will have clouds moving in through the afternoon hours are high later on today topping out at about fifty clouds this evening then rain after midnight dropping to about forty will be in the mid fifties tomorrow rain in the morning cloudy through the afternoon this is K. and SS meteorologist Steve Hamilton fox news I'm Christine Persichetti Americans abroad are being asked to come home amid the virus crisis acting secretary of homeland security Chad wolf says they're working on slowing traffic coming in and out of the country we continue to screen individuals coming back from affected countries we have travel restrictions on thirty different countries around the world we still see flights coming back into the U. S. from those countries so we have CBP officers we have contract medical screener screen those individuals to date we screened over two hundred and twenty thousand individuals coming back from corona affected areas test kits are being sent to U. S. warships in the western Pacific the navy says so far there are no positive cases on any of them and sad news in the country music world Kenny Rogers has died Somers he was eighty one years old Americans listening to fox news Stephen Ted mornings on Tuesday mornings at this time we entertain said Rick county commission chair Pete miser mornings or nights every with us this morning morning Steve Ted how are you both doing great very well the news is all about the coronavirus and I know that you've already heard from this county health director this is news every every hour every day helps rector she was at the city last week if not date us today she's in touch with CDC the state this too will pass but will our four oh one K.'s survive oh my god there were two other years so maybe so Stephen Ted in the morning on ninety.

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