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To achieve is not a question of how much of an opportunity to have to sleep is the very fact that they called gets off to sleep when they want to that is the issue or even if they do you fall asleep is the the fact that they feel that that sleep quality is poor and so they read all this stuff about how a damaging sleep depravation isn't actually that increases the airings on him on the front they're not getting off to sleep and can result in this vicious cycle if you're a good sleeper you tend to associate being bad with being that place of comfort that place where you go to and you feel cozy and you drift off to sleep and you wake up in the morning feeling wide awake and refreshed but for people with insomnia they often associate that with great difficulty getting off to sleep with the dread of them only to hand with the fact that they know that when they wake up in the morning they will feel horribly on refreshed and I'm I'm rested and so you sleep the the the environment that we normally would associate with sleep becomes an instrument of torture for them we'll take pills like benzo die as opinions like Klonopin and medicines like consulted him the brand name Zambian good idea well there has been a bit of a sea change in the last few years away from these drugs we know that these drugs also perfects the sedative so too the first thing to know is that they do not mimic normal sleep there associated with some major problems so some of these drugs are for example associated with an increased risk of road traffic accidents in the morning because of a hang over effect their associated with an increased risk of falls in the elderly for example and we know that people can develop a dependency on these drugs and can also be traits by which I mean that they require ever increasing doses to obtain the same effect in the long term there are now some signals coming out of the work that is being done around the world this suggests that some of these trucks are actually associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia and while such stories notes completely understood and it may be that people who have it in so many are in themselves a predisposed to dementia or actually the insomnia may be a really early warning signs of dementia certainly gives us schools for concern of the perhaps we should be using these trucks qualities liberally as we have done historically and say that full the switch to you behavioral approaches approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is being really driven by some of these concerns.

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