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Girl. So. Here's one of the things I think about with with one I've known artists over the years. And so I know a little bit of this. As much as you might roll your eyes. Say a prayer for Bobby mcferrin, why who has to sing was bleeping song every freaking ninety. Always name. And there are so many of these artists like, yes. Because that's the only reason why I know your names. Sick of hearing it performed it more. Flying is it's. Torture device. You know, the different ways to do it shrinking airline seats. Both the narrowing of the seats and also packing. More Rosen, which means less legroom. You know in most normal, I say normal. Let's call me economy section. My knees are pressed up against the back as in front of me and for long flights. I they will fall by legs fall asleep from being. Like, you know for me. I just usually fly southwest. So it's all academy. I guess you could say, you know, southwest. I'm not I'm not pinched in now. No southwest. I can I can my knees. Don't touch the backseat in a regular. Okay. All right. Well, you know, what if you've gone to buy a flight recently, then you've probably noticed the economy, the basic economy fares, and what's happening with this is if you book, a basic economy fare, you're going to get the bare bones likely metal seat in the back. Yeah. Can't change the reservation. Bring a bag on upgrade can't bring a bag on board. And if you get to the airport and realize yet made a mistake that you want to not board last or bring them you can't change it. It's like a you press purchase that is. And and listen, you're going to blame airlines for this. I'm not I'm. Gonna blame people that shop strictly based on price the heck miles my supposed to shop that the airlines figured out that you don't care what color the plane is. No, I don't you. Don't care the name on the side of it now. But you want the cheapest ticket costs they do so they are going to compete for cheapest ticket possible, but they're going to do it by removing all these other things. Yeah. And so it's actually working out for the airline industry because what's happening with people like me. Yeah. Listen, I wanna pay as minimum as possible when I fly like my two what two times a year. So I go and look for the cheapest fares. Yeah. Absolutely. It's usually just on south west. But I digress. And what the airline leaders are saying is that these basic economy fares have been very successful at drawing the attention of flyers like myself who look for the cheapest fare. But ultimately book a higher priced one. Once we notice all of the. Restrictions that come with cheaper tickets, and I'm not trying to play daddy warbucks or anything, but I won't fly on those because I'm bringing my bag on board. I'm not checking a bag. I Br I have a bag it fits in the overhead fits in. Every overhead. I understand how it works. I have my flying back. I am nine. Yeah. I have I have a okay. Daddy warbucks. Yeah. Flying of a like, a we have a smoking jacket too. So I have my my bags ready to go right now. What is there is there? Like something we need to know. You've got ready to go. I have a bag ready to go. Now. Here's what I say flying back by flying bag has things like. A battery you spare battery for cell phone charger. It has cables to recharge things like that little boy scout my ready for anything noise. Cancelling headphones. Boy scout Bruce it has everything I need to get to get through an airport. Get an it has my water bottle with no water in it, my refillable water bottle. I've everything I need. Okay. I gotcha. I'm not interested in flying on a plane. Why can't bring that along with what neither am I not interested? Now, what it costs at that point? And I don't want to sit in the middle. And I do a little extra leg. The airline industries. They're playing the game. Listen. But they're playing the game. You know, if you're not gonna go to fill in airline dot com. But you're going to go to Expedia or right? What they're gonna do is. They want to be the lowest price, you'll get your top. You're going to be drawn to and then you realize the restrictions and you're like, no. And you're going to buy that higher ticket. And again, I I realized it sounds easy. Do I mean, it's not like I'm paying twice as much, but I might pay twenty dollars more. Oh, that's so worth. But I get to have the way that I wanna fly. Okay. Great. But I don't shop based on price alone. Because I know price alone screws me, I'm not interested in their deal. What are the why you have a bag ready to go ready to don't we know is put undies in in a shirt, I'm ready to go like a suitcase party? I'm ready to leave at story. They're gonna get it on the air. But there's ready. I.

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