Schone Jenkins, Salman, Saudi Arabia discussed on FT News - Succession shake-up in Saudi Arabia


On the financial times in london on schone jenkins and this is ft team the promotion this week of muhammad bin salman the son of saudi arabia's king solomon has shaken up the ruling house of sowed the thirtyoneyearold prints replaced his cousin mohammed bin now yes as births crown prince and interior minister and soon after the announcement the young prince was shown kissing the hand of the man he replaced in a carefully choreographed display of unity but many question how much of the sprawling family really support the young prince his appointment comes as the gulf faces its biggest crisis in decades after saudi arabia and three of its allies cut all ties with neighbouring qatar allegedly because of doha support for terrorism to discuss these issues i have the f teased deputy editor ruler halaf and energy correspondent andrea rebel realty you first how will the change in saudi leadership effect foreign policy and security in the wider region i think that one way to look at the allegation of mohammad bin salman is more as a confirmation of the more aggressive the more assertive saudi foreign policy that we've seen i think he has largely been in control of of this foreign policy and i think people would be wondering today whether you're going to see more of it and potentially more adventurism does mohammad bin salman have the support of the house of sowed well let me as you know shona it's very difficult to read the internal dynamics of the house of sao tome i'm sure that there's more to the story then what what we've seen publicly which is a very enviable of very friendly change between the deputy crump rinse and and the crown prince.

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