Nate Nate, Erica, Abbas discussed on Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy - Best Of Week 29 - Judd Apatow, The Battle For Nate Dawg's WSOP Money and Riggs' Bounty


Nate nate nate bait busted now you get a comeback though the thumb you're back under it i'm looking forward to seeing innate so one may abbas oughta i did not see that i think you're really right i didn't you did make a lot of connections i think that you really if you're smart and you wanna do it right i think you can really launch a whole section of barstool poker twitter adding a lot of good things happen to you this week you're definitely correct but did you just hear that do you st realize what you're walking into come monday morning or whenever you're back in the office i'm back under nanto target dave thumbs so that's why three times a week for thirty repeal year that's true a is that you may or may not be back enters the on whether or not he takes a no days off platitude isn't involved in his own website by he we don't even have internet for his own internet website back honored com it's like being under a heather so you're not worried at all i mean 'cause here's the thing you were very you you were defiant you're one of the defiant ones they should do a fuck in video he's now all about it you're also getting you're polite you know you were not polite you were you're somewhat respectful with erica yesterday but you were starting to kill feisty with her to you you were flexing and you're feeling yourself all week and now i think it's time that go back on it.

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