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I didn't know what came from stolen shit. Sorry. They're seizing all assets for the movie I'll proceed sorry. Proceeds assets. Well, they are I guess assets. Jostling to Capri owes proceeds no the movie made money. Right. So they're taking the hell do they even do that logistically that's like 'cause it goes to so many different people in places. Yeah. I don't take what they can. I guess. Yeah. Like any other kind of what do you call it when they repo us, take whatever they can get I guess. Like seize royalties from this point moving forward that wouldn't be too hard. But are they like going back and taking people's money? I doubt that okay? I doubt that they're probably just if there's any kind of. You know net profits from the movie, they seize those because it was funded with laundered money, right? But wolf of Wall Street. Yeah. What Meyer you right? Take the movie is a documentary now. And it kinda was and the food is involved and Leo weird. Crazy. He was a weird guy is an interesting clicking cares about the environment. Weird sort of way. Impressed. Also, Cambridge Analytica popped up in the news Friday, we with an update to the story about our US State Department, awarding the parent company of Cambridge Analytica called SEAL a no bid five hundred thousand dollar contract to counter ISIS terrorist propaganda. That means they awarded this contract without opening bidding to the public. They just gave it to them are US State Department under Trump. So we'll keep our eyes on that story for you. And what we're Republicans calling big news this week. A video of Alexandria, Qaiseer Cortez surfaced, showing her dancing when she was in college and Republicans lost their minds aerial. I cannot let this dance happen. Ren McCormack made a lot of people stop and think I object to that kind of music. I think you know, why? Because people fork eight two so Republicans hate dancing, and this is a scandal to them the video shows AOC doing a dance challenge where people would reenact dances for movies, and she chose to do the breakfast club weed smoking dance, which is actually a better scandal. But Republicans aren't cool enough to know that they were all stoned in that scene. So they had all my dupage. So let's see if I have this straight. Rod dogging porn stars. While your wife is a home with your new baby. Paying a woman one point six million dollars to get an abortion grabbing people by the pussy, all cool, but dancing, dancing is bad. God there dancing. We are going up to my room right now by Dr shook house. Take me play. I don't know guys. This is right up there with that tan suit grey Poupon the war on Christmas. Hillary's emails. It's it's mustard mustard. It's so sad to watch. And try to fabricate scandals out of FinnAir, apparently all we have to do to trigger Trump supporters as dance..

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