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We don't yet. Like he's ever. Really, super flashy is just devastating. And like, you guy, he'll do X is a big thing kick knockout, you know, that was that was devastating also like super flashy, and and more on you know, without flash. But with you know, decisive violence to finish these so always people are gonna think authentic guy gonna think they have that whole Idaho. Or you know, his been some fights. It's finished so quick. They haven't really had too short. A, you know, by the way, have you gone back and watch the fight on video yet. I have. And I just I I was actually at the airport the leading if I left bite after the fight. I went straight to the fourth and I saw the finish. But yeah, just finishing combo where he's lips throws like cut in the hook. And you know, steps back drops in aids the first right hand, and they just the speed. It's another another one to look incredible Stephen pollen that in that. And then to follow up and finish. It was just I had my mouth open at the and all that. How did you just do all that in like two minutes? You know, what's crazy? Okay. Here's one thing. I'm legitimately asking. Because I have no idea, obviously, he won via mounted arm in guillotine. But I went back, and I watched this euro black belt high level one that s on Sal had both his hands free. And then brought them both to the inside to defend. Why did he do that? I think that we're more fun of the squeezing. He pulled guard. He was free. And I think that I think that also the arm down to try to block the as you roll, you know, and moral smart step step, though, the leg on the same side of the chill for the one that you kinda you know, you you want the the guys who you'll be traveling there and like on the role. He was to end up evolving, climbing get the arms phones arms which trap, and then the after pool that on out from the on those stuck into to be finished. You know, so to top three, and I and I couldn't say from the aim of that I were just see Marlin like dropping the hips and having to four arm to tap. I don't I don't know. A lot of the transition guys. Don't don't try to do that. But as you as you will, you know, you end up above the arms couple of finishes. Very Gary have been a couple of things like that. Interesting. Okay. I'll go back and look at it another time because that would kind of confused me was a little weird. But it was devastating all the same. And you get a tap from half L sons how you earn it. And at he certainly did. Now that leads us to the next step. You have got to like his chances against anyone that way class. Tell me how in your mind that you think Marlin matches up with TJ dillashaw. Yeah. The the power and defense all of of mar on, you know, and and I think the the shorts trying to move around and you kind of comment from angles and things like that. And I think on the first style for more. I think do assures weakest spot is wrestling to be honest. I mean, he's not the guy that could you know, Britain with a whole lot of faith down and take down like old is, but it's gotten thanking all along. And I don't think that he has like the down button. I mean, you know, I wanna take this down this dead. So then you're gonna fight bond standing for twenty five minutes. I just I just think it's all, you know, like, not the from from Jamie..

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