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Brings four. Mutations. I recognize you force calculated promises. Conversation. Oh, you a boy. How would it get? I want to. Winning. Oh, what am? I hope. You had a great weekend. That's right. So CPS is following black China on Instagram or not? On wpro. Yeah. Man, Fatto the cops got called to the home. Though the claim that she was drunk and neglecting green. That would be the came over did a welfare check, I guess is what you will call it. This was a call caller made a claim by China just such bad shape that she could not properly care for a kid. And I we don't know kind of how those danger determined who determined how you can take care of your kid or whatever like that. Right over that. Everything was fine. Nobody was drunk dream wasn't any trouble. There was also a nanny. At the time of the entire situation. So some sources close to the. Say that there was a little earlier with the member of her glam team that might have made somebody called a cop. But there was really nothing going on dream was say black China would not drunk. So there you have it any word on who made the call. Who? No, no. I mean, like, I'll take the cocktail really bad 'cause then gets out there and people feelings hurt. But like I said when you're this type of celebrity you get in the argument with somebody sometimes people can try to do things to hurt you in the press. And I look by kind of what happened here. Yeah. Sounds almost like a rob call as well could be. Be maybe he put down a crispy cream picked up the phone. Job. I love rob. Rob joke joke. How we doing this thing? No problem. Rocker dash, and I'm just saying, that's right. Then they don't have a great week Rhett Bill podcast TMZ, my guy. Thank you for checking in every week. I better appreciate it, man. Hey CC today. Let them know. We're going to be at the kingdom day parade. At eleven AM to one PM check it out ABC seven and the parade starts Martin Luther King boulevard and western end at Lamar park high. So we're going to be on TV. So this is what we need..

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