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Tigra fuel company strength as our fuel. We will start with a team that is technically the visitors. It has middle Tennessee State university the blue raiders three and one on the year. They're led by Nick mcdevitt. A thirty eight year old in his first year who was previously at UNC ashville. His starting five the point guard. Donovan SIMS a sophomore for Murfreesboro Tennessee average, two points per game last year. He's the twelve points per game this year for the point guard. Also, I guard is Anthony cross the freshman from Inkster. Michigan his first year. I didn't after a high school career. In Detroit's the big man Antonio green. He is their leading score twenty two points per game for the redshirt junior from Tupelo Mississippi, and then in the blocks you've got James Hawthorne, a senior for Prentiss Mississippi averaging eleven points per game in Reggie scurry, a junior from Augusta Georgia, by way of Missouri. State average fourteen at eight her contact. For the Cavaliers three at how on the year led by Tony Bennett in his tenth season. Three time at national coach of the only one man has more national coach dear awards some guy. John put in the starting point guard tonight is tied Jerome the junior from the outskirts of New York City seventeen points per game four rebounds per game four Jerome a three pointer in every single contest of the season. The to the sharp shooter Kyle the junior from Indianapolis as a three pointer in every single game averages twelve points per contest this season. De'andre honor will get the call at the three redshirt saw from Philadelphia would four four from behind the arc it away versus copied state as a seven foot wingspan and is averaging fourteen points per game. Also in the starting lineup. Braxton k the junior from Charlotte's but teams leading rebounder, averaging six points and six rebounds. And rounding out the starting five. The rancher junior from Guinea by way of the Bloomberg school ten points, three rebounds, four D Akita career, high eighteen points versus Coppin state last week, our fficials keep Kimble trae style and chance. More Cavaliers will come out in the white jerseys and white shorts were trimmed down the sides Virginia written proudly over their chest and orange in orange numerals as well for the Cavaliers middle. Tennessee reveals the all black cats white, excuse me, black jerseys black shorts middle, Tennessee. Written blue sandwiched over there. Blue numerals. Jimmy. James has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now, they're here. It's important establish tempo. Early in this game. Our producer who's been working at the battle of Atlanta's for eight years. Brian yours told us Virginia has brought as many fans as he has ever seen in this tournament except for Kansas. That is the one that they had more fans that speaks to how well this Virginia t- travels. There's definitely a full house there in this arena tonight. And there are a lot of Virginia fans looking around the arena right now. Virginia's quest for a six straight. Thanksgiving tournament championship is underway in Atlanta's as the tallest backwards and middle Tennessee will have the opening possession of the game traveling right to left as we see it side in the black jerseys and black shorts. A hand of Anthony Crump the freshman from Michigan rotated right side. Donovan sermons puts it on the deck. They started around the perimeter with fourteen to shoot crop off his back foot nearside corner to Hawthorne picks out high to SIMS drives against hunter beat out front. Degreen was six to shoot green counting the dribble with the left hand. Curls around a screen puts up a wild floater front iron. No, we've got tapped around and finally corralled on the baseline by tile guy. Why was great defense right out of the box there. Cavaliers established the offense with tiger. Oh, we'll holds the ball with a hip high gerbils Jerome hesitation got down the lane feeds skis spots up a three off the front of the net. And then dropped into the hands of Antonio green. Who race the other way for t as year? Circle to the far corner where Crump dries from rises in the pain got fouled as he released the shot which missed why? But Crump will go to the line excuse me scarring. We'll go to the line for to give middle Tennessee State that first possession. They did a great job of moving the basketball left to right around the horn, making Virginia work on the defensive of Virginia..

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