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If your SVB, that's kind of what this looks like in practice, actually, just without just what the federal government is kind of the shadow monster in the background waiting to do all of these things. There's also the bank term funding program that is going to have, it's going to be a federal lender, SVB problems, it had too much of its money invested in long-term treasuries and mortgage backed securities that tanked in value as the fed raised those interest rates. There are other banks with the same problem to make sure they don't suffer the same fate. There's a new agency, yay, new government agencies. It will allow them to access loans with generous terms. Instead of having to sell off their interest rate ravaged treasuries, they'll be allowed to use them as collateral for a loan at their original value. So they are going to now get a loan from the federal government on the basis of the bonds that they are still holding. Now, federal government, of course, has an interest in that. They don't want to see the bottom markets. The secondary bond markets absolutely tank, which again would force another rate rise, presumably in the interest rates. Meanwhile, New York based signature bank was closed and we'll get the same exact treatment as SVP. This one's pretty spectacular. Considering that SVP, that's one thing. Signature bank. Is a person on the board is Barney Frank, Barney Frank is the guy who was involved in Dodd Frank. Barney Frank was the head of the House financial services committee for decades. And he was on the board over at signature banquet shows you that the regulators who are very often in charge of these banks, let's just say that they have a finger in the pie. Very often. And they never bear the results of their own bad decision making. So in a second, we'll get to the problems. There are really two problems here of systemic moral hazard. We get to that in a moment first. All of us can aid you pretty dramatically, but you need to make sure that your skin is bright and young and beautiful, and this is where genu sell skin care comes in. Share it from a Nebraska says I had sensitive skin. I'm careful about all products. My husband bought me genuine cell bags and puffiness, and Jenny sell deep performing serum. I felt it working immediately. My eyes look amazing, my face feels smooth and wrinkle free. It's not just sherry, Jenny salt has sold over 1 million products to both women and men across the nation. Say goodbye to the fine lines, wrinkles, even those annoying under eye bags.

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