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So three days ago. The forty Niners Reuben foster. Was charged with domestic violence misdemeanor domestic violence. It's its second domestic violence arrest. This year. The alleged victim is Cornell dot com. The alleged victim told police that during a verbal altercation with foster he slapped her phone out of her hand pushed her in the chest area and slapped her with an open hand of the right side of her face officers. Observed a one inch scratch and her left collarbone. So the Niners. They cut Reuben foster, and this is some of the high draft pick, well, regarded football player out of Alabama. But someone who's at a checkered past and Kyle Shanahan the forty Niners. Head coach talked about the release. I guess it was late yesterday. And a lot of the players felt that you know, they had failed because they wanted to help foster and apparently had a very difficult upbringing, and he needs a a lot of structure to stay out of trouble. But they could not. Get things to go in the right direction for him clearly and be arrested for domestic violence twice. You gotta go and so the forty Niners. Let him go three days ago. Nothing has changed really legally in this situation. But wouldn't you know it there's an NFL team? Willing to sign on Reuben foster. Even though the Niners. Ooh. Knew everything about him. Very well. And clearly they thought they could make changes for foster or keep him out of trouble. They weren't they failed. They let him go and the Washington Redskins rely. He could play football. We'll pick them up. Unbelievable like, so he ended up on the Commissioner's exemplifies, so it's not as if fosters could be able to play this weekend. But for a league that obviously went through all of this with Ray rice a few years ago, we dealt with it here. The giants kicker Josh Brown a few years back as well. In New York. And still gets a recipe is second time team cuts him and some other teams going to swoop in and think they're trying to take advantage of it right away. Sick man really is. And it tells you what some of these teams think about a lot of these situations and then. Washington puts out a statement to basically defend. They're signing of Reuben foster. And. Would they say was we fully understand the severity of the recent allegations made if true, you could be sure these allegations are nothing our organization would ever condone. When did you sign up for that? Let me be clear. Ruben we'll have to go through numerous stamps, including the full legal process an investigation potential discipline from the NFL as well as meetings with counselors associated with the team before you will ever have the opportunity to wear the burgundy and gold as a player. Okay. You can't do that. As a free to get in. Good standing with the league. Let's say, and then maybe teams can decide if he's fit to represent the league and play football. And they're not in the league for a lot less than than this kind of thing. This is a repeat offender, and then this is the part of it from Washington that you just shrug. This Doug Williams their player personnel person. We decided to investigate the situation where Ruben further by claiming his rights after candid conversation with a number of his ex Alabama teammates and current Redskins players who are overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance. So your investigation was to talk to guys he played college football with that are. Yeah. Twenties that you know, they're a position where they just wanna win. Hey, he could play football. He's fine. With me. They'll go home with them. He doesn't represent them as you're asking him the represent your football organization, and it just. It's tone deaf for the league is a whole and especially for Washington here, as you know, none of the other thirty one teams put in a claim on Reuben foster. The Redskins were the only team, and I'm not saying you can't ever have a a second chance and get back on the football field. But don't you have to clear the legal part of it up? Don't you shouldn't you have to go through some some programs before you're immediately being picked up, and you're now within a team, you know, this is a team basically taking advantage of one of these situations to try to be a little better. Find a competitive advantage out of domestic violence. It's a bad look for the team for the league for everybody, and they've dealt with this time and again over the last few years as we have shown much more light on these kinds of situations. It just seems ridiculous to me. You go down this path again utilize a team, even if the guy's not eligible to play Sunday when you allow a team to science which just arrested for domestic violence three days.

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