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Are back. It is the wall cell. It's good to be back on a Friday. What a short week for some of us. Sure week brothers. It's business as usual either way. Great to have you with us tonight. Commuting listening. We are very grateful as always if your home listening grateful, no matter what. And of course, being that it is a Friday night. Lots to get to will always take your calls. But keeping it light. Trying to do that all week. But last night, we got into a nice discussion about art and fair and such. So any of this stuff? A comment or an opinion please feel free to join in. Plus, you don't want Fridays. We do to kind of open up the lines for you in case, something on your mind. Random thought of any kind is something on your mind. I don't know. I'm trying to steer clear of things. Like should we impeach the president or not? Gosh, man. Impeach. Yes. Or no or funding for the border wall. I know it's important. I know all that stuff's important. But you hear about it all day. So we try to pick up the slack pick up all the rest of the stuff the stuff that kind of fits through the cracks. But I don't dictate to you. When I when I say, we can open the phone lines for you. If there's something on your mind. It's what's on your mind. And on Friday nights. We do that. We'll have new neighbours here in Sacramento. Very happy. What do you think about Gavin in his family Gavin Newsom common to Sacramento, our new neighbours? Governor elect Gavin Newsom and his family will be moving right here to the governor's mansion in downtown Sacramento. This'll be on Monday. He is he's wife is two children two dogs and their rabbit will be making a move here to Sacramento. Noor current governor weld governor Jerry Brown moved out of his office and the mansion on Friday. Do you think he's moves his own furniture? You think he's out there? Do you think he does like like most people do like? So what are you doing Friday? People back door you on that one move that move to. It's not like, hey, you know, Friday after move. I was hoping you could help me say, hey, hey, what are you ought to Friday. What are you going on this week? Oh, nothing. I hadn't really thought about really I need help moving. Oh. I wonder if the governor now former governor, I guess or current governor. But Jerry Brown if he does. What you doing Friday? Get the pizza as if that's gonna make the whole thing better. Go and get a couple of pizzas have your friends hall. Your fridge. The sneaky suspicion that he had some help. Probably professional movers. Anyhow. When you think about Gavin coming into Sacramento being our new neighbor marked voice guys here candle is here. Somehow, I don't see governor Brown with those orange to persons straps that you put under the furniture with a buddy to move the heavy furniture. I. I don't see him take the old rusty Dolly. And and trying to get it over the the the over the curb step there. He's got the Dalai out there Easter. Yeah. I don't see that. Either to see that starting to get the fifty four drawer dresser out. We're gonna have to go through the garage. Yeah. Man. So. So Gavin will be moving to town the historic governor's mansion located at fifteenth and h streets. It was constructed in eighteen seventy seven features a swimming pool was used as the backdrop of Brown's reelection victory in two thousand fourteen and then governor Brown moved into the mansion in October of twenty fifteen before Brown's move. The mansion was used as a state park Mansion House thirteen California governors until Ronald and Nancy Reagan moved out. Because it's haunted. Right. So we all welcome the newsome's down. Yeah. So you can call him that if you like again, actually give you the phone number nine one six nine to one fifteen thirty one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty year toll free numbers. I did see also speaking of sort of. Government officials in elected officials things like that. I see there is now a petition to call to rename the street in front of Trump Tower after President Obama that's a slick move nine one six nine to one fifteen thirty by the way, if you do have a comment, if there's something on your mind that you just like to get off your mind tonight. Get off your chest feel free to give us a call can be about anything. Anything nine one six nine to one fifteen thirty one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty thousands, though people signing petition in New York City to rename the block in front of the Trump Tower after former President Barack Obama. A move on petition started by the Lisbon Rowan calling for the stretch of Fifth Avenue between fifty six and fifty seven th street to be renamed President Barack h Obama avenue. Petition would require the president President Trump. The formerly changed the address of his Trump Tower building. Whereas twenty twenty reelection campaign will be headquartered on the fifteenth floor the measure at nearly four three four thousand three hundred signatures as of this morning. That'd be funny. If it backfired with all the name recognition from Obama going to Trump now the credit, and you know, yeah. And the two thousand twenty. Boy. I wonder if there's are there any streets being planned the thank after to be named after President Trump. Is it? They say we requested New York City mayor and city council do the same by renaming a block of Fifth Avenue after the former president who saved our nation from the great recession. Achieve too many other accomplishments to list and who's two terms in office were completely scandal-free this according to the petition stretch freeway in LA recently renamed after the former commander in chief for the street to be renamed New York City, the New York City council would have to approve the measure by Bill de Blasio who within after sign off on the the name change. Council unanimously voted last month to rename a street after the renown hip hop group Wu Tang clan. Yeah. As well. As other rappers rapper Notorious B I g singer Woody Guthrie. But anyhow swing left on ice tea. Yeah. Had you just head right? Exactly. The streets around here aren't much better who named these streets watt. How Arden me man love. Don't get me started. You had right on down to. To Tang clan boulevard. And then you make a right on President Barack h Obama avenue and then a real quick right there on Woody Guthrie lane. Yeah. Which sit all intersect with watt and how. Oh boy. He just do anything with this guy. I mean, anything to ruffle feathers. You know what I mean? The same thing in Chicago Caen, he couldn't he changed street. The find out where I'm going to be hard for him to find out where former President Obama lives and changed the name and history to Donald Trump or J proper pick a middle initial Trump. About Jeff and Somerset. Hey, jeff. Yeah. I bet. Good. Are you doing you're doing all right? I'm doing just as well as I can be what's on your mind tonight. Jeff. Well, I wanted to welcome Gavin into town. You know, sure, great guy. I really want to get to know. I got questions form and stuff. L who does your hair? Right. What's the hair gel? I think this is a great idea. Jeff what because we are welcoming a new neighbor in a town. And as as listeners to the show, I think that because listen we care about our community. I think we all do like what you're doing right now. Jeff call up and give a message to Gavin Newsom and his lovely family, welcoming them. What do you have to say to the new governor as he comes into Sacramento? How do we welcome? I interrupted near you're on. You're talking about his hair gel, and such I like this. Yeah. And then I'd like, you know, who does who invited them on his suits. He's a sharp looking guy. Shines shoes for them. I'm really interested in that. Sure. On dogs. I liked in all kinds of dog. He has I'm always interested in dogs. So. Wave my taxes, baby. Raise them. I'm ready. You ready to have raised Jeff. Yeah. Get take everything I got baby. Well, Jeff, I thank you prime the pump on this one. So why don't we follow Jeffs lead from it? I mean, how would it? How do we welcome Gavin and his family be nice now, though, Jeff was very nice. I'd like to take him out fishing. A little your little shore fishing up its life park or something. Yeah. Well, you never know. He may be listening right now. Jeff. Governor Newsom if you're listening, Jeff like to take you fly fishing, so and he liked to know what cream you're using your hair. So he can give us a call. We greatly. Appreciate that. Well, I wanna see how he'd betas hook. So not fishing thing. Jeff happy new year. If gives us a call you'll hear it first we'll hook you guys up to go to that. I heard he's a master baiting the hook Z, right? Robert and south Sokolow, Robert. I'm just going to put him on hold right now. Then we'll just put him on hold..

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