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You about michaels of brooklyn right before i went away literally the day before two days before i went away actually i went to michaels a brooklyn for lunch my goodness is this a good restaurant the pasta far show that they serve at michaels of brooklyn mike it's absolutely delicious and everything else has laid great there too and they have the spicy gallimard that i just can't get enough of it is an extraordinary extraordinary establishment but a lot of you can't get to brooklyn lot of you dean of don't have time to go out for dinner or lunch a lot of you aren't anywhere near avenue are knows condemn new graves in brooklyn for those of you who fit that bill you can still enjoy the great taste of michaels of brooklyn by going to your grocery store and purchasing the sauce now they make it right there and it's not one of those things where made in some factory somewhere and they slap a michaels of brooklyn label on it now they've special equipment that are is mostly imported from italy they do what they can with equipment made from the united states was mostly imported from italy because you know they produce so much sauce add to have that kind of quality than me the special equipment so they bring lien i've seen these machines and they make the sauce right there in the restaurant and they ship out all over the world a grocery store all over the world so you can check it out in euros will restore michael's in brooklyn sauce or you can go online to michaels of brooklyn dot com and ordered wright online mix of great gift for somebody is well michaels of brooklyn dot com workings and local funded on our website am 970 the answer call eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine it's morning but.

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