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I think I will I've seen after that review. I'm somewhere between I appreciate. I saw a rap history rap years ago, It was called, Remember that the comedy of errors Shakespeare, the comedy of errors. There's a group that did it in the late nineties in New York, and it is called the Bomb buddy of Errors, like the Vomit E of errors, and they did Shakespeare with rap, and I saw a person who is fantastic. Now I think it was the experience that was good. I don't want to watch it again. I'll check out Hamilton. How do I even bother to ask? I liked musicals and Broadway shows more when I was younger when I was going to be like any in Greece and Peter Pan, But as I've gotten older, and people are just talking all the time they break out in song. If it comes to me a little more corny in my older age, we think may would be the opposite that you'd appreciate it more than I think I enjoyed broad way back in the year. Little kid days now. It's like I don't see myself watching. It's a long note. Yeah, I don't see myself. I find myself now want to go back and see the other great musicals in person? Piece of what I was. I gotta admit there was a point where I was like, go to a musical is not super macho. You know, But now with the kids like the musicals and the music's pretty You know, it's iconic and famous like I I don't know if you've been to a lot of musicals. I know you guys going to theatre once in a while, I went to Les Miz. Yeah, that's music from Lee made the soundtracks Awesome. I've never seen but I'd never been to a Broadway show and my wife we were dating at the time and we went to see Brighton Beach memoirs. And you know, Neil Simon was one of the brilliant people and how he could write dialogue and Matthew Broderick was playing in the starring role. And I we watched all three Ah! And I'm trying to think what they are. Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and then there was one other, but I just thought Neil Simon had this unbelievable cadence and how to write a play and you have the No. The actor is being able to deliver and I was mesmerized by it. Like it's live in front of you like when you see a movie. It's different. You're watching somebody doing a play. It's like somebody is doing something athletically. That's the way I view it. Ah, you know, the book of Mormon? It was. It's right there in front of you that they're doing this every single day or night and that performance and I'm moved by those things When I see somebody do something live. It's just that that alter something in me. I saw play years ago It was in London, and it was one floor of the Cuckoo's Nest. The movie with Jack Nicholson and Christian Slater play the lead role for a couple weeks. And it was fantastic because Christian Slater Jack Nichols, and that's not a big stretch, but he really nailed it. I saw of the Phantom of the Opera. On my honeymoon. 33 years ago. Original cast. And I remember I feel I know, original cast, and I just remember we had we had the last two seats in the last row. All the way in the corner. I couldn't stand up and we're in London and I I was It was unbelievable. And that's one of those where I went. I don't want to go to see Phantom of the opera. My wife goes. You need to go see Phantom of the opera just got married. Honeymoon? Yes, dear. Got in there, bang my head on the ceiling, because that the way the the Theatre house the roof was it was really low in the very corners and I banged my head. I'm like good. Then all of a sudden visit Michael Crawford. See the Sarah Brightman? I think. Is pretty good, Pretty good stuff, right? Ah, see, I've been fascinated with the Cam Newton is height video, and we played a little bit of that last hour. He was also on the big or bigger picture. With O B. J. Todd Gurley and Victor Cruz. Here's Cam Newton, talking about all the teams that passed on him this offseason. We have to talk about the elephant in the room in his life. You know you who you come in after like. Great where he was. What he is is great knees. No, even talking about it. But one thing about it, though, you know. Cosmic days. You able to dick Awesome stuff that you'II never been able to call now. You going to do? Oh, yeah. Yeah. You're getting one of these ticked off dollars, two days like Brooke and I'm looking at a schedule like when we play. That team passed on me. Okay, Dad singing path. They could've game and got me. They have me. I even asked my agents that yo. So what's up with Na Man Agent Act like he was like? Well, we gotta wait. It was this all type of You know, issue something. I probably you know where I'm going. I'm going to take this time. With the cove. It Sam. We're going to commit So Cam Newton talk about following Tom Brady and all the teams that passed on him. It's courtesy of the bigger picture. I like I like this camp. I want. I want to see what it looks like when it all rolls out. Get him in uniform..

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