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Use Radio Wait 40 W H A S Mama making Decker joins us from constructing a main society. Happy New Year to you, Megan. Being you here. How are you taking care of all those babies at the Humane Society? That's what we love to hear. So you got in projects where people can help you. Yes s O right now, if you want to help if they convict humane society, But you're not up for adoption at this time you can actually dying to donate at the Texas Roadhouse off Shelbyville Road. So on January 14th from 49 P. M. You could bring in the choir and will donate 10% of your food purchases all back to the Kentucky Humane Society. So if you visit KY humane that ordeal CR flyer right there and you just show it to him on your phone, and it'll actually get back to us. So you need some delicious food and help out maybe Oh, that's awfully nice. So you just get on your phone. That way, you know there's no other. There's no hard work to do now what it is a new year and then within a year, some people still like a calendar. You know you don't do everything with your phone. Sometimes, they say, I need a pet calendar from the Humane Society. Absolutely. And I'm like that, like I have my phone calendar. But I really like having something physically to remind me like what day it is, especially during this pandemic, because all the days kind of kid mixed up together. So if you're looking to get a new year's calendar and also healthy animals, you can get our pet calendar. You can order it online at K why he made that or but you could also stop by any theater supply location. Our pet resorts or even our adoption facilities. You're selling them as well. Well in our house. You know you have We have teenagers, and you have tasks And so they can always say I didn't see your texts. But when you hang a calendar up in the pantry, and you write certain things into the various days, that's your day for this. That or what if there's no escaping that because every teenager visits the pantry, right? Right? Absolutely put all of the money from the calendars goes directly back to healthy animals. So you also have a great excuse that way on. They usually have a lot of coupons and therefore feeder supply. Oh, yeah, that's right. Yes. Thanks for coming. You just kind of pet washes and treats and stuff. You get a look at some cute face for the whole month. And you're like, Oh, look at that, right every time. All right, man. Keep doing a great work. We all appreciate the hard work that everybody does that humane society and they can find your place that Ky humane that organ and learn about the calendars like you said Peter Supply stores and also the Texas Roadhouse deal. With that fund raiser, Help ya! Happy New year to your sister. Happy New Year, Terry. Thank you so much. All right, Indy, let's bring in the guy's here. Jody. Damn lease with us, Andy. Invert trees are both here, fellows. We're gonna get the Heisman talk in a moment or two. But Jodi gonna update us on you about women basketball. You had a Nevins is one point away from her career high. Terri. She missed the shot and he took her out. I think because you took her out. She's nine of 10 from the field, six of six from three point range. She has forces three steals, three rebounds. 27 points, Louisville as a team 10 of 18 from three point range. And they lead U T. Martin 70 to 38 late in the third quarter, so she still got a whole other quarter. She should get that career. Our crew. I was 28 in a game last year against Oklahoma State. Terry also men's basketball to note tonight. U K does play against Vanderbilt this evening. The Wildcats are now in 11.5 Point favorite. Cleveland Browns head coach Steff Kevin's defense key additional two members of the coaching staff positive for covert 19. They will not be available for the The wild card game against Pittsburgh on Sunday. They've actually shut down their facility for a day there. And how about this news in college? Football? Alabama coach Nick Save in Told ESPN today that junior receiver Jalen Waddle has been cleared to practice and there's a chance he could play Monday night against Ohio State in the national championship game. And that takes us to our next talk because before Jalen Waddle got injured, Terry I thought he was a guy that could have had it answers, as did many to win the Heisman Trophy as a non quarterback, non running back kind of God. Now it's his teammates of business. Okay, let's let's let's keep an eye on Trevor Laurence to start this conversation. Is there multiple Alabama guys on the first time? We're all we're all in agreement. Kyle Trask has zero chance of winning the Heisman. So tonight, the Florida quarterback, probably less than that, Yeah. I would say yes. Right at zero. Maybe just a tick below zero. Yes. So Trevor Laurence is this guy that's mesmerize college football for a couple of seasons. And then you know all everybody was like it's his to lose the Heisman Trophy thing tonight. So my question to both of you guys is what happened to Trevor Laurence just because he missed a couple of games. He's still been pretty brilliant. I think he's been pretty brilliant. But I quite honestly have always thought that because Travis Et en was so good that he took a little bit away from Trevor Laurence. That was That's been my opinion for two years because I know in having the vote, so I have to vote for the A. C. C. Terry. And when I vote for the A C C and I go for a cc player of the year I go. Oh, which one of these guys are not gonna vote for? And I ended up Bob. Obviously, I've ended up voting for Trevor Laurence. Uh, this this year, But Travis Ctn had a great career and is one of the best players in college football. It takes away from him. Now I know what you're gonna say. There's two Alabama guys. Why didn't do for them? I just think Et en, uh is is really, really good. And I think Trevor Laurence put up the numbers, but but I would have a hard time voting for him, Miss Iseman. What do you say? Agree with Jodi. I think ET and took away from Lawrence. But I would say Travis Ctn probably had his worst college year this season. Especially running the ball. He did a lot catching passes from Trevor Laurence, but people stack the box they made Trevor do his thing. But Trevor doesn't have the.

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