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Designed to move you forward. Welcome back to the steeler hangover. My name is brian. Anthony davis his name is tony and his name is shannon white. It is so great to have you on here as it's twenty six days until the start of the nfl season for the pittsburgh steeler. We are so excited for it. Tony in shannon. We've been having some great talk here and it's been fantastic. We're talking about the joe. Schober deal we're talking about the inside linebacker situation and we've been talking about the glory that is kevin colbert. One of the best. They're calling him. I mean steeler fans are calling them the goat this week. And that's great and i know shannon tony when we were growing up you called somebody that goat. That was that was a bad thing. Now it's great as well and it's amazing. It's funny how that has changed. Also some i. I gotta tell you. There's some great chat in the live in the live chat. And i've gotta bring this all up. I did not know this. And i'm gonna get a little background because i've i've been peaking an apparent. Apparently michael molly got a chance to see a live show. And this confirmed a live. Show of jerry. Jerry band jerry cherry. Our house ban for our audio shows the the music that you hear the music throwing this show. I know you don't hear music in showing the show but when it's on the podcast platform you will and that's all jerry cherry and it's fantastic so i mean that's great i mean where was this live show and when can we see you when you come into pittsburgh or maryland. Okay so michael. Malley saw it on youtube. But that's the thing we need to get together and see a live jerry cherry show. That's that's the thing checkout jerry. Cherries youtube network. I mean it's fantastic. Really great stuff. Especially if you're if you want to fool around and learn the guitar. He's fantastic. So i love it so michael. Thanks for bringing that up a jerry. Thanks for all your art shows as well. So let's talk about this. This this is something that's really important because we're talking about how the steelers have some depth pieces now. We've talked about james washington just a few weeks ago saying hey maybe he wants traded. Maybe it was just his agent talking but with all the depth. That's coming up and the trains are great. And i love him. How many of you are going to be complaining. Come march and april when all we're doing is talking about draft and there's no fourth fifth and sixth round pick. Are they worried about who. That's a question are they. Are kevin colbert worried about that. Are they looking to replenish. Do they have the means to replenish that. And i kind of think they do. But let's let's talk about what they're missing at this point right now you know they have a first and second round pick and they have a third round pick they do not have a fourth. The fourth went to the miami dolphins on draft day for isaiah louder melt shannon talked about that trade. And look if you're making a trade for a guy who was who in the trade right away because they've never heard of louder milk and but yeah i get it. I mean in the you weren't alone in that. Every a lot of people were doing and his grace and everything in in. I was to say like i said not so fast. Because he doesn't make a trade like that colbert's belkin to make a trade that and just give away a fourth round unless he knows something. So that's what. I was thinking so let. Let's give him a shot. People started people. Were coming around on big ninety two. They're they're liking it. I hope we can see more of this. Andrew andrew wilbert wolmar just called him milk dud so so you know so. That's so that's the number. That's where your number four pick went. Your number five. Pick went in the avery williamson deal. I still support the avery williamson deal. That happened on october thirtieth last year. It had to be done. there was no depth. They needed to bring a guy in. They got a seven th back so they do get a seventh round pick. They do lose a fifth when that. That's the nature of the game. They they needed the guy and then the sixth round pick now goes for joe schober. And everybody's talking about that being a steel or we gonna miss those miss. Those draft picks next april. I were may or whenever the draft is. But as far as i'm concerned i don't care because i'm thinking of two thousand twenty one and it just feels like this team is loading up and doing the best. They can to fill holes in. Give ben rothlisberger the best chance to get get another lombardi get another two lombardi's before that window slammed shut so in west brings us up there likely getting a third and a fifth so they're likely getting a third next year because of bud duprey. They're likely to get a fifth. I believe because of matt filer. Ambig- there there's a possibility that they get a six. It just depends on joe hague and what they do with joe hague. The sixth would be for mike help. You cannot rely on that. Because dave scofield who is amazing with the formulas predicted that the steelers. We're going to get a whole lot more last year and it looked like they were but the formula just did not go the way of the steelers last year with what was given up. So you can't really rely on all of that. The third seems the third. Seems like it's there the fifth does too. But you just you just don't know and you know i'm seeing some people mentioning about every williamson. I will go back in time and make that deal again. You had to do something to bring somebody in an inside linebacker but the thing is the thing. It's tony we can get more when i say we. The steelers can go ahead and get more draft picks and there are some candidates right now to be traded in. Who would be the first person that you would deal. Tony if you or kevin colbert's buddy m you're helping him out he's like hey feel too. Well tony. I had a little too many irons last night. You help me out. i'm gonna make a deal. So what are you doing. What's the first deal that you make tony. And then shannon's gonna make a deal too. Well i mean. I don't wanna trade him. I'm against it. But if i had if i had to trade somebody the guy that i would i would probably me have hoped the most value would be Would be washington. Because he's coming you know he. I think he has exceptional abilities. And i think you should spend blocked and You know if a team we're able to get their hands on him in a team that needs a starting wide receiver in two twenty twenty one. He could be of great value. So i think that could be the guy you get the most back for Acre probably the team that gets him could probably sign him to a cheaper deal next year unless he has a crazy. Yeah fourth year in this really. Put up lot of stats. But that's the guy. I would trade Even though i would be against the personally. But if i had to make a deal. And i needed. I needed Draft picks in return. He's the guy. I think you can get the most in return for. What do you think that they can get out of them. I'm agreeing with everything you're saying. I don't wanna lose james washington but when when you're looking at doing some replenishing and of the The draft stock the capital from next year. Who do you look at. So i i respect your answer. There's no bad answers here. That's like if you're the gm that's what you're going to go. And do what do you think that you could legitimately get out of. This guy legitimately probably a fourth which would replace the fourth. The you know if you're if you're kevin covert though and you're and you're on the road he's on. Maybe you can somehow to get a third probably unlikely but Definitely a fourth. I think you could get a fourth for him. Because i think he's i think he's a talented receiver. He only has one year left on his rookie which might scared teams away. But like i said he. He's just being blocked so if he goes somewhere and it has a great year for somebody. I think they would gladly trade the portland picture that possibility. Sharon white what are your thoughts here. Do you think that the steelers could a fourth or fifth out of a guy like james washington. He's i mean we know how he works. Great work ethic and just has some hasn't are just a little bit more talented ahead of him in aids to he has he struggled to get the separation that some of the guys in front of him give But he does everything well and there was some rumors today that people were looking forward to the steelers considering trading for him so I wouldn't take less than a fourth but if i had to pick somebody Goes everybody's talking about mason rudolph and You know but the only problem is is you know a cop for him a teddy bridgewater. He got traded for a six round pick.

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