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Right baby it started yesterday sending asylum seekers back to mill Gallas that is right it's not just being held here and Mirka Nora's owner not going back to no Gallas Sam to remain there wow how about that it's going to Nogales to a court hearing scheduled a threat of fifty miles away in Juarez by the way the asylum seekers have to figure out how to get to our is on their own which all that so mean I'm sorry come here legally I think is mean now they have to figure the people in the future gonna say is a worth me trying even getting there I will have more on that three things I think you would need to know so why it is a huge a freaking day I don't know if you know how big this is this guy is been following this for not following its this this guy that we I mean I got the alert on my phone yesterday whatever watching my islanders unfortunately is the devil's very disappointing that it I was lifted up again by the real world stuff in the fact that we killed the top Iranian general who is a terrorist freaking dog I mean this guy is bad bad news one here's some else by the way now this guy again all right he is the one we're gonna be intelligence I guarantee it comes out that he is the one that was of course just help you don't a week ago are responsible for the brains behind the the the the bomb rushing basically our embassy attacking of our embassy setting it on fire putting Americans lives in danger this guy is the one responsible for that he is also responsible for a came out our our government to put this through even The New Yorker you know the New York New Yorker magazine they can't stand trump they did a profile of solar mainly back in twenty thirteen they said back in twenty thirteen is a command of the cuts forces fifteen years ago set me back in nineteen ninety eight right he sought to reshape the Middle East in Iran's favor working as a power brokers military force assisted rival assassinating rivals arming allies all this stuff right the US department treasury sanction is selling money for his role in supporting the Assad regime in your big big aside risk a review supporter huge even Obama sanctions all the money for his role in plotting a foiled terror attack in Washington DC restaurant in two thousand eleven he wanted to kill or assassinated on the Saudi ambassador to the US that was all the money this is what this guy did and your trump member what they they still say trump is what pulled knees Putin's person being you're crazy Nancy Pelosi all roads lead to Putin well guess what this all the money right after the year Aranda ideal was done right done with Obama and bombing sends over a hundred fifty billion dollars pallets of cash right after that happens so the money goes to Russia to meet with Putin to figure out what they can do to help out a son so we just kill the guy trump just order the guy to be blown up vaporized that the that was buddy buddy with Putin notice the media is not taking that angle not at all doesn't work that way so you have this guy now dead and and it gets it gets even better it apparently the guy that was in charge of the Hezbollah militia out there in Iraq he also vaporized at a you know this this guy gets off an airplane in Baghdad is sort of money is greeted by this other militia merry to terrorist Hey how's it going as good sh bowl done done and I you know am and what's the reaction by the way this is what's incredible we had an American contractor killed when American killed last Friday American servicemen injured and it was a rocket attack organized an ordered by this solo money guy he's the one that did it so you have solo money ordering as an American killed we're Americans injured and Democrats in the media are more upset that trump killed this terrorist that order these killings then an American man killed these twenty twenty Democrats too by the way their reactions all yeah Biden Elizabeth Warren Bernie Andrew Yang I mean they have no chance by the way a zero chance but not one of them from what I I've not seen you could tell me if you saw it I've not seen any of the make any statement about American being killed by the Iranian terrorist so the money that's what he is a common Jen was a terrorist right not one of them actually came out and said this is just not acceptable we you don't kill Americans yeah I never said that however they've all condemned trump for doing this and why well now you're gonna make our ran mad skews me you may have started a war with Iran you really think trump gonna send troops into Iran go for a battle not gonna happen I don't want anything bad to happen to Americans I know it wasn't the Iranian people secretary Pompeii a senator video of the Iranian people dancing with joy in the streets as this monster was killed because he's killed Arabians thousands of Iranians so all of a sudden like the media the Democrats they act as if an American being killed Americans being attacked and six hundred eight Americans being killed by this guy never happened and they're just mad that trump would just go off and do this and they're saying how can this possibly is in trouble is very measured what don't you think member when the Iranian shut down one of our drones was saying come on trump attack on the Tacony that Americans were killed a favor kill Americans were gonna respond over on the force and he did he did so I don't know where trump just orders these two guys to be killed we've we've had in our science so yours you order them to be to kill that's good airstrikes inhaled vaporize these guys let's turn them to dust make it happen and we're better off in the world because of this any does that he's very much and you know what that also means by the way member one truck during all those debates back in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen member we used to say a lot I like to be unpredictable now you have countries.

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