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The sporty between Quincy center and Braintree due to track work that's going to go on until July first Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes fingers crossed we are in a good stretch of weather here in the greater Boston let's check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast right now and meteorologist dean devore I forget are you humidity fan or an enemy I mean that that does it so very polarizing subject in in weather in the summer some people like it just nice and dry and other people like it warm and steamy the humidity is up it's you can feel it already the dew point is up to sixty in Boston and that's part of the reason we're seeing the clouds involved down near the coast or some low clouds dense fog sound because keeping the islands later today we'll see a mix of sun and clouds in inland sponsoring the only the Costa mesa a little dreary year coastal areas in the seventies but inland spots for the sun gets out it'll be in the mid to upper eighties and I think that's what we're gonna do here as we head into the weekend a little gloomy at the coast in the morning better inland for sunshine throughout mid upper eighties to near ninety coastal areas of upper seventies to near eighty thunderstorm chances I think pretty much stay away from the coastal areas including the city of near suburbs here's we go through the weekend we'll keep an eye on all of that here on WBZ bosses he's right here in Boston a good look and start sixty eight degrees it is seven twenty six oh look at New England business at eight hundred million dollar loss in revenue means tough times for about fifty thousand employees at mass general Brigham the largest healthcare system in Massachusetts formally known as partners healthcare is cutting the pay of its top executives freezing the pay for thousands and suspending company contributions to retirement plans the moves effective July first will save about half a billion dollars in costs for now no layoffs in the picture another beautiful morning here.

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