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Project is too big. Doesn't make sense the fixed to ninety coalitions proposing adding more lanes, but not building the flyovers because they're worried about runoff into Barton springs. Now Campo we'll have their final votes on the tech stock proposal sometime next month. So there you go there saw some of the feedback. They got from folks last night. This is a area where I live, and I deal with the the Wyan Oak Hill almost daily because I'm going to HEB almost daily or going through there for some reason. And I can tell you that it does feel like it's getting worse every single day. What do you think would fix the traffic flow in that area? Well, let me say this. I do think that the overpasses the flyovers would be effective now, let's not based on any engineering knowledge whatsoever. But just maybe a little bit of common sense. However, are you concerned about the runoff into Barton springs? Well, not as much that is I am just the massive. Change to that area that it would be too. I mean Oak Hill used to be kind of out in the country. It was a bit rural. And it's not nearly as rural as it used to be. But this would this would so transform the look in the field and the sound and everything about that area. It would be so drastic. That's is that bad. Well, he make it sound bad drastic is a bad word. I'm trying to figure out what my you know. My perspective is just living out there and just wanting things to kind of stay the same. Although I want traffic to be better if they can figure out a way to do this without going up without going up. I would certainly vote for the I don't know if they will be able to do text dot officials say they are conducted environmental studies, and they're taking into account feedback from the public meetings in the past six years made while the groups are proposing a project that adds more lanes without building flyovers, they say, this would ease traffic without the environmental concerns. One quotes last night. It's both a more environmentally friendly way. But we believe also faster and cheaper. Because we believe it's easier to expand the roadway that is there now on the ground and turn into a freeway, then to turn the entire area into an elevated freeway, right? They expect to vote on this January the fourteenth whatever it's going to be. It's going to be a massive project that there's no doubt about it. There's going to be major disruption while they're doing this. But there is no doubt that it is needed. It's worse every single day. And it's it's got to be done. And they've been talking about this for years years years years, and they everybody can everybody is in agreement at that meeting last night that something needs to be done. They just can't decide what needs to be. Specifically, all of those ideas will ease traffic congestion. The question is do you want that y no kill to look completely different with massive flyovers much like they have at one eighty three and at mo- pack in that area or one eighty three and the six twenty area forty five. Yeah. Do you want that look for the Wyan? Okay. All right. I just I'm just I'm just past. Because none of these plans include a ca- shot casino..

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