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Excited. I got a new I guess you're not that new to us, But you're new to being on the radio show Sam Zeff quits. Hey, How are you, buddy? I'm doing well, Tony. How about you? Good. Good. Maybe first time on the show. I know you've been here at the firm with us for a bit now, but tell us a little bit about yourself local transplant. I'm a local group in Greendale. I want you know, one way to high school in Indiana, but, yeah, I'm glad. Glad to be back home and hockey hockey. Your coach still playing. You know what I did Coach the last couple of seasons. I know. Just kind of with my career. I probably thought it was best that I know more career. Yeah. Hopefully I'll get back in your still playing a bit there. No, not really. I gotta get one of those rec leagues coming with the black guy. I'm missing two. That would be great for you like the enforcer on the tumor. I was not. I had very like it. You've got all the muscles, buddy. Thanks, Tony. Yeah, very few piling minutes, So Yeah, yeah, that's great. That's great. Well, I'm excited to have you on the show this weekend, and it's a great show again. My name is Tony Drake. And I'm here with Sam today or want to really address one of the most common questions. That new families were talking to are asking us on a daily weekly monthly basis. We get in here on the show we get into the office at our classes are TV show, you know, and it's really some version of Do I have enough money to retire? Do I have enough of my going to be okay. How do I make sure I don't run out of money before I die. We could probably phrased his question and dozens of different ways. What folks are really asking us when they asked us. That question is, do I am I going to be able to generate the income? I need To maintain my lifestyle. Do you deal with rising health care costs, inflation, taxation, and you know, those are the things we want to cover, and we've identified several useful tips that could potentially help you avoid running out of money before he run on the life. So I want you to stay with us throughout the show today because we have some great information of few nice strategies you might want to know about. And if you hear something throughout the course of the show today that you'd like to explore more seriously..

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