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That Brown on a Brown. Muscled off by Chernick Brown falls on the puck gets backed up. It is loose and grabbing it is Neil. Lander Lander tied up by Callahan. And now all mcdonagh to get a sneak out and push that buck back to the Toronto in twelve thirty five left in the first one. Toronto. Here's Ron Haines in his own zone of the right wing side. A Riley up the middle. It is under his yachats touching. It in talent to pursue the lightning far corner. Tips at around to the near wall and McDonough early shots are five four lightning. The score one of Toronto. Mcdonagh the pass it for small Canaanite Vassilev ski knocks it back from mcdonagh the far corner. The right side stolman finally clears to center Rosen rips at back in. Here's mcdonagh the lightning far corner. The nearside squadron, right? When off turns it out center is Yanni gourd dump it hit a stanchion tough break in pinballs back to tomorrow's. Tomorrow's into the lightning zone. Gionta Vars Ray corner. Ours behind that left circle drops up a Riley a little shot walk in front behind. It shoots right circle. That was blocked by point and nice feed the point speed out to setup rate and point cuts his way up the middle. Cross the blue line, right point, gourd braided point, right circle point is bumped by. Hanes. When stays with it, right circle. Gorda the center point Ruta, shoot, semen Anderson. The rebound gourd left circle was cross as kucherov right circle. No, keep it alive for route a right point for kucherov, right circle. Who shot a little move to the high slot? Cross. A search of Sligo wanna say, by Anderson with the globe any holds on great setup for Gujrat discernment jab, but Anderson came up at his best save so far tonight to keep the score. One other Toronto eleven nineteen left in the first lightning radio having the right gear for the right job is always important, especially on the ice. And nobody knows that better than the Tampa Bay Lightning and tumblers too. Great local teams that are great on ice service. Tumblers have been serving a bites cold drinks for.

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