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New day san francisco is a new mayor is sworn in mayor elect london breed will be sworn in by lieutenant governor gavin newsom in a ceremony at the steps of san francisco city hall the inauguration gets underway at eleven this morning there are five hundred reserved seats and another thousand open to the public on a firstcomefirstserved basis two weeks after being injured by a hit and run driver in san francisco a pedicab operator has died a crash happened during a busy commute hour along the embarcadero near peer twenty nine late last vaunt sixtysixyearold kevin manning and his passengers were hit when the suspect vehicle swerved through traffic in the southbound direction officials say the collision with the pedicab caused it to collide with another pedicab for tourists including two children were also hurt authorities are still looking for the driver of the vehicle described as a champagne colored ford or honda civic sedan terry row says police have released photos surveillance videos of the vehicle and are asking anyone with information to give them a call a san francisco grand jury has indicted seven men on charges in connection with graffiti vandalism targeting small businesses and recreational spaces prosecutors say the suspects face fifty two felony counts for vandalism going back several years one of the man is allegedly responsible for tagging with a distinctive bart simpson had and the number four on the drawing officials say graffiti cleanup cost san francisco twenty million dollars a year speaking of money former cal basketball star alan crab has saved his old school in los angeles from closure crab reportedly gave a six figure donation to frederick ac priced to the second christian school to ensure the school stays open crab is currently playing for the brooklyn nets business sponsored by hansonmcclain it gets the bill for the cambridge analytica data scandal jason middleton has that story and a check on the markets wall street is finally reacting to the geopolitical headlines this morning a list of two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that could be subject to tariffs is out and the dow is down about two hundred points in europe american allies are being lectured about nato russia and how the e u does not pay its fair share for defense germany is being singled out by the president facebook faces a fine of half a million pounds in britain for failing to protect people's online data connected to the cambridge analytica scandal according to a report published by the country's privacy watchdog today the fine which is about six hundred sixty thousand dollars is for two breaches of the data protection act in two thousand sixteen facebook made twenty eight billion dollars in revenue so this is the equivalent of paying a nickel for a parking ticket in san francisco i'm jason middle now that summer's here are you loving your backyard like really loving it or do you see cracked ugly hearts gaping outdated spaces that just aren't functional a whole home yard that needs an update systempavers.

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