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Less said last night in the gold globe's and they're that's all over right part lose and people will sending me text about it who cares who cares the elections over we won let him do whatever they want it has no with pat then anything you think any this as any impact on tropp whatsoever now it just makes or more resolute we have a majority in both houses we don't have to care what merrill strip says on the golden gloves we don't care what football and some network runs who cares this is a waste of our time and starting with tomorrow's confirmation hearings which obsessions there's going to be all because he should have i get to go on on trying to time to being a racist back in the in the sixth sixties or something they'll get something he said just lets like you did when he was nominated the past but here's the difference trump is going to back him and so all of these when he's away politicians up there on the republican side hear the trump voter i want you to remember this they hear the trump voter and especially you know primary they don't know where they came from they don't know who they are they can't even identify them yes the people like maybe but they don't know who they are this is not to keep already with the far right or the event joked was with a guy that easily identified they don't know who they are they don't know where they are they're just scared to death of them because of they get together in a primary they can not any of these republicans out in a heartbeat if they so chose this is a moment ladies and gentleman in america that trans says everything the professional politicians of understood they still don't understand so they're afraid so that's why when trump sense it sends a tweet out they scramble why the nature of their job republican politicians are feckless by the nature of the majority of them so the only thing understand is getting beat losing it up right where that's it that's all they figure so as long as truck maintains that hammer over them they're gonna vote his way because the consequences are they could be in a primary on the job for every ser radio network other right back can.

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