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Cates. Non-attorney spokesperson Ed sponsored by open our concepts. Attention veterans and active duty military, if you were issued earplugs between two thousand two and two thousand sixteen and we're diagnosed with hearing loss or ringing in the ears. You may be entitled to cover nation. The manufacturer of these military earplugs recently paid nine point one million dollars to resolve claims that their airplanes were defective potentially exposing servicemembers to damaging sound levels that could have resulted in hearing loss or tonight's if you or a loved one were issued earplugs and tag nosed with tonight is or hearing loss. Don't wait you fought for this country in our attorneys wanna fight for you. Call eight hundred seven one nine six zero two nine now for a free legal consultation. And to see if you may be eligible to file a claim time restrictions may apply and you pay nothing unless there's a recovery in your favor. So call eight hundred seven one nine six zero two nine now, again, eight hundred seven one nine six zero two nine that's eight hundred seven one nine six zero two nine. For mother's day. New study taps the best states for working moms women, make up almost half the workforce. But last year they earned only about eighty five percent of what men made. So when examining all fifty states and the nation's capital, the website wallet hub looked at pay scales for working moms, but they also gave roughly equal attention to kid considerations like childcare schools and the balance between work and the rest of.

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