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One of the miners produced a bladder. That was filled with what he thought was wrong. And after several hands of poker and rounds of the bladder he fell asleep. He concluded a story saying that he'd wakened achey stiff with a long beard and shaggy hair. He was in shallow cave. And there was no spool or powder keg now. When he came to his senses he hiked back to their cabin in cornucopia and was surprised to find his friend. Gone the so hitchhiked back into town or the town of halfway now. This story came to me from one of benson henderson's daughters helena. Who going through her father's sex because he had just died days after seventy four th birthday just months before contact me had found a diary and being a fan of kiss. Myths and mysteries contacted me. There were two notations at the back of the diary. She said one noted. The date was of ripley's rankles debt. The age of seventy helena's said it was the second note motivated her to contact me her and that was by email by the way her father in an effort. To find ripley rankles. Next of kin had led to the discovery. That ripley was a dutch ancestry and when his great great grandparents came to america they changed their name from van winkle to wankle and that his friend's birth name was rip. That would be rip van winkle of course we all know. Rebound winkle is a short story by the american author. Washington irving first published in eighteen nineteen follows a dutch american villager in colonial. America named rip van winkle who meets mysterious dutchman imbibed in their liquor involves asleep in cascal mountains he awakes. Twenty years later to a very changed world having missed the american revolution could the story. I was given of ripley winkle be a modern version of washington irving story. Indeed ripley was born with the same name. Rip van winkle. And what's seem that. He had slept for twenty years right through the vietnam war. Now the names of the ghost town cornucopia and the oregon type of halfway are real as the eagle cap mountains. Denson's last name was changed at daughter's request but ripley ankle. That name is real as birth name of the man. Rip van winkle while the mystery of washington irving was produced..

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