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Fired up to do this always welcome back I'm Jim Rome let's talk some college football we're joined right now for or by a reporter for foxsports and FS one he's the author all the QB the making of modern quarterbacks you've got ten drink Utah eight U. S. C. Friday night nine PM eastern on F. S. one I want to get into that in all the big action coming up this weekend we are joined by Bruce Feldman Bruce so good to have you back how are you. you too great to have you back so huge weekend of college football starting with you taught U. S. C. Friday night in Los Angeles Bruce a lot of different story lines on that game USC already lost or starting quarterback for the season the coming off a loss to be what you want Saturday so where are the Trojans right now is a team. it's going to be a great question find out I mean there was so much enthusiasm about how true freshman Keaton slogans played when they let up Stamford two weeks ago I think what we saw with a couple of things from that one we had our true at Stanford week one against northwestern there really banged up this is not the Stanford team I think most of us are at I've come to know them in the last decade I think they're gonna be lucky to get bowl eligible me that same stamper gene that USC what they got blown out by use yeah so take that one that performance just some dude with a grain of salt and then would be why you did some things differently coverage wise slow this really struggle with the decision maker so how much the new OC Graham Harrell get him settled down because now they're gonna play a much tougher defense more athletic deterrence in Utah and I think right now this USC team the the whole program just need some good things to happen because there has been so much pressure and so many of the buzzard swirling around this program about clay Helton future and everything there I mean they definitely have been found to have a bunch of big time receivers and some good young players on defense but they're eating you wonder about the leadership not solely in the locker room who steps forward in this and I think we're gonna find out a lot because this is a really physical top teams that Utah's bring in a new year they have a one in southern California against USC and over a hundred years so there's that hanging over so this is a really interesting match up to see what we get from both you taught taught ten their tenth ranked there at USC Friday night you mentioned clay Helton was from them I guess to get U. S. C. A. D. Lynn Swann resigned earlier this month which increased speculation about the future clay Helton Bruce would you say the clay Helton is coaching for his job at this moment. absolutely I mean look you could you could say he's been coaching for his job since the start of this season I think that's true but I think right now there is almost no margin for error a laugh because of just the pressure of their on I think there's a lot of power brokers the around USC who have never been all the way in on what helped me in the head coach I think they're people who genuinely like and respect him as a man and I think all that can be true I just think there's a lot of people here who are thinking I'm just not sure this is the right guy for this program to lead them forward and Lynn Swann and you know I know this map the silence Wallace was forced out it was not a good run as AG we had no experience in that role and it showed and so now the new president at USC is gonna make some big changes and I would imagine no any aid the she's gonna end up hiring they're gonna hire they're going to know that they're probably going to have to make it a coaching change barring a an amazing ride that U. S. you would go on I think it's gonna be hard for for quite help to convince whatever doubters who were in the decision making role and have influence there. their minds about and I think. this is about as big a must win as you could get because if you look at it this way it is the this is the the best team they're going to play and their division which is not a great division in in college football in the pac twelve south they don't win this game it's gonna be hard to get through to win the pac twelve south title because it will go through Utah and I mean that just put even more pressure on clay Helton to to get this done we're talking to Bruce Feldman I suppose part the significance of this game is the fact that the pre game show is going to be live from the LA Coliseum and your colleague Reggie bush is one of the analysts it's gonna marked the first time he's gone back to the Coliseum since the NC double a ruled the U. S. C. had a permanently disassociate from him what do you think that's going to be like when Reggie goes back to the Coliseum. yeah I think it's gonna be really emotional for a lot of people I mean for a lot of folks the crew is they're band Matt Leinart certainly was a great quarterback their battle be there he won the Heisman there no Carson Palmer before him also on high there's been a lot of great players who played under Pete Carroll Reggie bush was a iconic use the US the legend and I think for the first time coming back I think it's gonna be it's gonna be really interesting to see how much the the fan base response to it because I can tell you there's just from working rule would write you the last couple of months I work with a bunch of former NFL players and former college stars I've never been around another former player who unless it's the kind of wow and all from current players the way Reggie bush. go to big twelve media days the right players and they they look at him on a different level than they look at anybody else and a lot of the kids like four and five years old and Reggie played at USC so I think they're infamous speak to him because of the way he played he was such a he was as close to the human highlight guys you're gonna get football I know that's a basketball term but there was a wow factor with them and so I think for a lot of fans especially USC fans you feel like you know it's been kind underwhelming save for the Sam Donald moments you know of the last five six seven years Reggie bush represents an excitement that was different and I think you're gonna see a lot of that reflected when people actually get the CM because quite honestly a lot of the U. S. C. found that a lot of the U. S. C. people either are in around the program feel like the NCA went way above and beyond what it should have done and how they punish U. S. C. and so I think that some of them too many Reggie bush you know it represents something in that white two of of how the NCAA kind of screwball still no my guess so U. S. U. topic night obviously a really missing match up from a number different standpoints Bruce before let's go maybe another topic or two that Friday night games followed by a couple of really big games on Saturday starting with Michigan at Wisconsin how big is this game for Jim Harbaugh in Michigan. it's a huge one if you look at what Michigan schedule set up it gets rough from here now they have their hands full with with a pretty good army team a couple of weeks ago they had a bye week the offenses has been a little shaky they have not they've been sloppy with the ball I think they need to see Shea Patterson is the quarterback who's got a bunch of experience yeah he's been banged up a little bit he did not look very sharp you did not take care of the ball well they're going to go on the road to play a Wisconsin team that has been dominated hasn't given up a point yet but they haven't played and by so I I you know look I'd Michigan wins this game I think we'll start to see Michigan gets the momentum they they're going to get they're all conference left tackle John Runyan back that's a big plus for them that sure sure and shore things up but right now I think if you're a Michigan and you're going Hey I'm optimistic but I need to see more from them than I've seen so far and maybe the bye week will help settle them down because this is this is going to be a jazz place for them to play against against Wisconsin gene that is just looked dominant so far against limited competition I would agree reciting Michigan is not shown very much in Wisconsin so far as the great they both had two weeks to get ready for this one is a big one Bruce Oklahoma is coming off that forty eight fourteen be down over UCLA in the Rose Bowl if we go back Bruce when making Riley took over for Bob stoops in Oklahoma everybody who knew Riley respected him a great deal as an assistant but is there any way that anybody could have expected the level of success these had so far no I I think that was a great higher by Bob stoops and you look I did a big story this week on the athletic about the running game everybody was skeptical of Lincoln Riley coming from east Carolina be officer coordinator they're gonna be this pass happy offense to that's what Mike leach does and it seems so counter to what is Oklahoma's DNA well the secret weapon and there is is wanna Riley justice. and still be in both the old line coach is a coop coordinator and they have such a physical running game with so many adjustments off it you couple that run game with a great collection receivers that Lincoln rallies able to get and obviously all these one transfer quarterback after another now there's Jaylen hurts who's not white is fast but its fast but not quite as fast as Kyler Murray but he's a two hundred twenty pounds physical punishing runner breaks tackle it's a lethal combination especially the way Lincoln Riley calls that you know to balance out this running game I mean it's it's been pretty remarkable to see this is the team that had replaced FOR offense of linemen from last year in addition to the Heisman Trophy winner and they looked every bit as dangerous as they did last year and now I think the key to this going forward is Riley hires Alex Grange because I'm in and be the defensive coordinator and hopefully change the mindset and get them to play really tough defense not been lacking at in in Norman Oklahoma for awhile it was so quick that I love you thoughts and chip Kelly he went three nine it is.

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